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A must read in Parade Magazine

Discussion in 'Journalism topics only' started by Drip, Nov 6, 2008.

  1. Drip

    Drip Active Member

    Frank Deford pays homage to The Greatest Football Game Ever this week in Parade Magazine. The game is the NFL championship game between the Baltimore Colts and the New York Giants. The Colts won 23-17. Great read and I highly recommend it.
  2. Walter Burns

    Walter Burns Member

    Y'know, reading this, I just can't help but wonder what David Halberstam would have done with this. He was working on a book about that game when he died. In fact, I believe he was on his way to interview Y.A. Tittle.
  3. Mighty_Wingman

    Mighty_Wingman Active Member

    Mark Bowden -- one of my favorites -- also recently finished a book on the '58 NFL title game...It was excerpted in SI recently, and he wrote a fairly interesting story in last month's Atlantic (I think) on watching the game film with Andy Reid.
  4. Brookerton

    Brookerton Member

    I read that book this summer and loved it.
  5. playthrough

    playthrough Moderator Staff Member

    Now there's a thread title I never thought I'd see.
  6. RossLT

    RossLT Guest

    Dammit, beat me to it!
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