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27 tornadoes

Discussion in 'Anything goes' started by Chef, Oct 26, 2006.

  1. Chef

    Chef Active Member

    A typical night in sw kansas.......27 tornadoes were spotted in southwest kansas tonight.......1 ripped 1/3 of the roof off the hospital in my dads hometown.

    2 inches and counting in rain........they're playing a district football game in this, and the middle of the field looks like a mud volleyball pit........
  2. Bubbler

    Bubbler Well-Known Member

    27 Tornadoes sounds like a Japanese horror film. Only there wouldn't be any tornadoes, only quiet existential angst and creepiness, interrupted by sudden gore and palatable dread as some dude tied up in some crazy chicks' apartment has his foot cut off my piano wire and is forced to eat her vomit out of a dog dish.

    Oh wait, that was Audition.
  3. Oz

    Oz Well-Known Member

    Damn that's a lot, even by Kansas standards. I've lived in Kansas the past 21 years, and yet, I can still claim that I have never once seen a tornado. I'm not proud of that, either, because I feel cheated.

    That said, I'm glad my house still has a roof on top of it. No complaints about that much.
  4. KP

    KP Active Member

    Aren't tornadoes rare in the fall? Especially considering how cold the air temperature is?
  5. Chef

    Chef Active Member

    -yeah......they are quite rare in the fall.

    when I woke up yesterday morning, it was about 60 degrees, and humid as shit......they said the high for the day was at like 6 in the morning, and that it was gonna snow.......well, it snowed for a minute, warmed back up for a while, and then the shit hit the fan.
  6. OnTheRiver

    OnTheRiver Active Member

    The one that killed 25 here in Evansville last year happened in November.

    Fall's the second-worst severe weather season in the midwest, behind spring.
  7. Platyrhynchos

    Platyrhynchos Active Member

    They aren't necessarily rare.

    September/October is the second season for severe weather in Kansas. In the spring (March, April) you have warm air replacing cold air. That triggers tornadoes if conditions are right.

    In the fall, you have cold air replacing warm air. Same effect, but for the most part the tornadoes aren't as strong as the ones in the spring.

    This is the time of year where you can have an eight-inch snow blizzard at St. Francis and tornadoes at McPherson.
  8. Americans learn only from catastrophe and not from experience.
  9. HeinekenMan

    HeinekenMan Active Member

    I thought this was a review of a new rock band.
  10. westcoastvol

    westcoastvol Active Member

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