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    At this rate we're going to have an army of journalists wielding assault rifles.
    Let me show you what -30- REALLY means, motherfucker! — Songbird

    Radical Islamic terrorists are not deterred by gun control laws. — Chris Cox, National Rifle Association's Institute for Legislative Action executive director

    I regret that I have but two middle fingers to give to our government. — William Bannier

    I never say I've heard it all in this racket, but now I'm one step closer. — HanSenSE

    More money makes a person more of what he or she already is. And most people are idiots. — exmediahack

    This is one of the dumbest threads I've seen on this board in a while, which is saying something. — MeanGreenATO

    Standards evolve. Not necessarily for the better, but they evolve. — cake in the rain

    Politicians come, politicians go. Newsroom pizza is forever. — Daniel Rubin

    The sun never sets on Planet Cool, folks, and that's where I live. — KISS co-founder Gene Simmons

    Just because a few SJW’s stomp their feet doesn’t mean you should cave to them. That’s the problem with twitter. It’s an echo chamber where the voices of a few lunatics somehow get taken seriously and drown out the voices of the vast majority. — Dave Portnoy (AKA El Presidente), founder/chief of content of Barstool Sports