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WNBA Beat Reporters

Discussion in 'Journalism topics only' started by sportsnut, Jan 28, 2008.

  1. sportsnut

    sportsnut Member

    This is kinda a continuing post in regards to the life of a beat reporter but this time it deals with people who covers a WNBA team in your site. I just wanted to know how it is compare to the NBA beat. Would covering the WNBA beat be a stepping stone to a NBA/NFL beat or do papers send a stringer or do you actually have a beat reporter attached to the team.

    I am asking because I read this story about the WNBA titled WNBA tries to leave paper trail. I also don't see to much coverage from the big media in regards to this beat.

  2. Stop threatening beat reporters
  3. sportsnut

    sportsnut Member

  4. dragonfly

    dragonfly Member

    most WNBA teams have at least one beat writer, but almost no one travels anymore. and only a few will pay for stringers on the road.
  5. The only team I know with several beat reporters is the Connecticut Sun. If you're a paper covering UConn in Connecticut, then you're most likely covering the Sun. I did the beat the first year of the Sun's existence. Remember, they were the Orlando Miracle before that. I know everyone wanted to know that one.

    Anyway, it's a good way to cut your teeth on a beat. I only traveled to New York for the Liberty games, but that was it. I went to the Finals in Seattle the next year as the backup writer. As far as it leading to bigger and better things, I think it can if you treat the beat right. The guy at the Hartford Courant covered the Sun for a couple of years before becoming the UConn men's beat reporter. Worked out well for him. Doesn't get much bigger than that at the Courant.
  6. Mediator

    Mediator Member

    WNBA Beat Reporters??

    Is there such a thing, because from what I see it's whatever intern can be spared that day. If at all. AP wanted to pull its photog off the Liberty last year. When the AP is wondering whether it should cover the event...

    Editors say there is no interest in the WNBA but it's a classic chicken and egg argument.
  7. I think the interest is on a city-by-city basis. If you're in Connecticut, then yes you cover the Sun because it has a passionate fan base and good following. If you're in Chicago, then you're coverage isn't going to be anything special. There is interest, although it's small pockets of interest.
  8. fishwrapper

    fishwrapper Active Member

    We have one of the more successful WNBA franchises. Last season we changed our coverage.
    It was standard coverage. Previews. Notebooks. Game coverage home and road. Features when warranted.
    We covered the team as a beat.
    Then, one night, we had the game on. There were dozens of people there. (A slight exaggeration, but you understand.)
    The announced crowd was 6,600. We followed it for the season. No one was going to the games. No one.
    Attendance was miserable. So, we stopped covering the team on the road. Eliminated notebooks. Slashed game coverage.
    There was some negative feedback from fans. Some. Of course, the WNBA has a shitfit. We had franchise and league reps in our office within the week.
    I/we just couldn't commit the space and coverage and staff to a sport that couldn't outdraw the local Division II program which we do not staff. The interest level is just not there.
  9. Mizzougrad96

    Mizzougrad96 Active Member

    WNBA beat reporters fall into one of four categories...

    1. Only female on sports staff
    2. Prep writer during their off-season.
    3. Lesbian from newsside who volunteered to do this on her own time. (You laugh, I'm not making this one up...)
    4. Reporter who was caught bragging about how much comp time they have coming in the summer...
  10. sportsnut

    sportsnut Member

    I am none of the above and if they gave me the beat, I would take it and make the best of it in print and online. I would just be happy that I don't have to cover juco basketball.

    Do your job, do it well and you will get a chance later on to do what you actually wanted to do.
  11. luckyducky

    luckyducky Guest

    That kind of offends me, because I'd actually like to cover a WNBA team (I know, I like women's basketball, wtf). Of course, I'm a preps reporter and one of two female writers (the other one is the WNBA reporter) on our staff.

    Three papers (Both Seattle shops and the Tacoma paper) cover the Seattle Storm (the more successful counterpart of the SuckySonics). As far as I know, none of them travel and they do very little other than game coverage/Jayda's blog at the Times'/Sonics-related business coverage.
  12. Just ignore him, ducky. Most people do.
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