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With the AP AWOL, how will you handle the Tiger sex rehab story?

Discussion in 'Journalism topics only' started by HejiraHenry, Jan 15, 2010.

  1. HejiraHenry

    HejiraHenry Well-Known Member

    AP says they're watching the Tiger-in-rehab story but have no immediate plans to file anything.

    "We've tried to stay away from the really sensational stuff," I was told, as if that was a point of pride on a huge reader-interest story.

    We feel compelled to do something, as the clinic is in our state. Run a brief with the credit to RadarOnline, etc.

  2. Michael_ Gee

    Michael_ Gee Well-Known Member

    I don't mean to be insulting, but you don't have a reporter and photographer down there right now? Hell, the first pix of Woods anywhere near that joint are worth a bundle.
  3. JackReacher

    JackReacher Well-Known Member

    You're really going to run something you pulled from RadarOnline.com?
  4. Ace

    Ace Well-Known Member

    If you can get shots of him whacking off in the bushes one last time before entering the facility, you may get a Pulitzer.
  5. JackReacher

    JackReacher Well-Known Member

    Hot dammit, Tiger! Quit whhhhacking it in my toolshed.
  6. Football_Bat

    Football_Bat Well-Known Member

    Tiger would rather play with his putter than ... play with his putter.

  7. slappy4428

    slappy4428 Active Member

    Isn't the clinic being in your state punishment enough for the man?
  8. e_bowker

    e_bowker Member

    You can do what one of the Jackson TV stations did. Send a reporter to stand across the street from the clinic, which appears to be on Highway 49, in the hopes that he leaves the tinted car window down when he makes a run to the local Kangaroo for booze and condoms.
    That poor reporter had cars whizzing past 10 feet from her as she's doing her stand-up. It was ridiculous.
  9. SoCalDude

    SoCalDude Active Member

    Remember this one? A San Diego reporter hears that Alan Wiggins is in a drug rehab facility. He sneaks his way in, trying to find Wiggins. And he finds teammate Juan Bonilla, too.
  10. 2muchcoffeeman

    2muchcoffeeman Active Member

    Let whoever's in charge of the celebrity gossip roundup deal with it. This part of the story isn't a sports story.
  11. HejiraHenry

    HejiraHenry Well-Known Member

    No wonder our business is in trouble.
  12. slappy4428

    slappy4428 Active Member

    It's not a long-drive contest?
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