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Wisconsin State Journal seeking prep sports freelance help

Discussion in 'Freelance/stringer help wanted' started by Madison Sports, Sep 17, 2014.

  1. Madison Sports

    Madison Sports New Member

    The Wisconsin State Journal sports staff has decided to rebuild its pool of prep sports freelancers. Some current freelancers will continue to receive offers, but with our Jason Galloway moving half-time to help out on the UW football beat, we need to grow a list of available, dependable help -- both to fill in during the current situation, but also for down the road.

    We're looking to strengthen the talent pool to include a) some sport-specific specialists, most notably in wrestling, soccer, volleyball and swimming; b) find people who are regularly available to help on Tuesdays, Fridays and or Saturdays, for event coverage; c) find someone able to knock out a tight, interesting phone feature, usually as seasons draw close to tournament time. This could include some state tournament coverage because we will not have enough staff to cover all the state tournaments this fall.

    Once the pool is set, offers will be made on a merit-based system -- best performers will receive first dibs.

    Experienced reporters who file quality copy and hit deadlines will receive $75, our max. We sometimes offer more if the event involves more than the typical couple of hours, if live Tweeting is required or (of course) if multiple stories are to be filed.

    We're running the following ad in our paper:

    The Wisconsin State Journal seeks experienced, talented freelance reporters interested in covering high school sports events on a regular basis.

    Freelancers must have:
    • Reliable transportation and proof of auto insurance.
    • A laptop computer, and familiarity with use of the computer – including the ability to reliably and quickly transmit text documents over email from remote locations.
    • Excellent understanding of sports statistics, terminology and strategy, including the ability to keep accurate statistical notes during live action. If you “specialize” in certain sport(s), please let us know.
    • Ability to interview coaches and athletes efficiently and quickly, to gain further understanding of the events they cover while making deadlines.
    • A solid understanding of what a Wisconsin State Journal high school sports story should look like -- how it should be constructed, how long it should be, and what facts must be included.
    • The ability to quickly write an accurate, lively story on the event -- and file it via email -- according to our stringent deadline requirements. Spelling, grammar, style and sensible story construction skills are required. Meeting deadline is of utmost importance
    Freelancers are offered assignments by a State Journal assigning editor. Offers are made using a merit-based system: The highest-performing freelancers generally will receive “first dibs” on story offers. We would like to develop a pool of four to six local freelancers from this group, including some current freelancers.

    The fee is between $40 and $75 per story based on time spent, story quality and deadline performance. Freelancers must sign our independent contractor agreement, submit a W-9 form and provide proof of auto insurance.

    For more information, send email to prepzone@madison.com. We do not require resumes, but please include a note of introduction that touches on your ability to meet the above requirements. Those who provide links to writing examples will have an advantage. Please note: no telephone calls will be accepted.
  2. Madison Sports

    Madison Sports New Member

    Well, we mentioned this search in three places and we found four solid new people. Three of them were steered our way directly from here. Thanks for that.
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