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'Who listens to a President?'

Discussion in 'Sports and News' started by Dick Whitman, Mar 15, 2012.

  1. Dick Whitman

    Dick Whitman Well-Known Member

    I really enjoyed this New Yorker piece on the ability of presidents to persuade.


    The bottom line: Most presidents do not persuade the public. Even Reagan, studied empirically, did not. And yet they all think that they can.

    The exception: The president's support, lack of support, or indifference to a bill alters how Congress votes along party lines.

    Much like in baseball/sabermetrics, I like when political scientists put our cliches and assumptions to the test with empirical evidence. The article made me want to read some of the books it cites.
  2. Starman

    Starman Well-Known Member

    A lot of people and a whole media network does, to figure out what they need to shriek wildly in fear about.
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