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Who is making those 973 Ron Paul signs I see on the way to work?

Discussion in 'Sports and News' started by Thanks for comin' out, Jan 9, 2008.

  1. If you went by signage alone, you would think Ron Paul is the next coming of Christ.
    I know he has a huge internet following and a ton of money becuase of it.. but WTF?
    I can't wipe my ass without seeing a Ron Paul sign, yet he can't sniff the GOP's first tier. This isn't a loaded question, and I'm surely not voting for him because of his stance on certain issues, but I'm just curious.
    Is he too wacky?
  2. bostonbred

    bostonbred Guest

    He wants to legalize marijuana so all the college kids are campaigning with their large amounts of free time and pushing hard for him in their first voting election.
  3. Gutter

    Gutter Well-Known Member

    Webby was on vacation last week, so he had some free time.
  4. mike311gd

    mike311gd Active Member

    Who is Ron Paul?
  5. The weed thing explains why whoever is holding Ron Paul signs in the background of TV telecasts are acting like assholes.
  6. homeslice77

    homeslice77 New Member

    If you think that people support Ron Paul because he wants to legalize marijuana, then you have no clue... people like him because he isn't a flip-flopper, he was opposed to the War in Iraq before we entered and is the only anti-war candidate on the GOP side, he supports downsizing the size and power of the federal government and wants to bring all of our troops him and adopt of a policy of non-interventionism. Stop sending billions to the Middle East and spent that money at home. He also has a strong stance against illegal immigration including ending birth right citizenship. All of his stances can be found on his web site I'm sure, just like any other candidate. But voters would rather vote for the guy who they "like" the best, instead of finding out each candidates policies and choosing which one relates to them the best. Whether it be Ron Paul or any other candidate on either side, people just do not do any research whatsoever. Charisma>policy.
  7. So here's one guy that puts up those signs.
  8. homeslice77

    homeslice77 New Member

    lol I do not own any signs or have put up any, but as a follower of the elections it can be irritating that a candidate who finished ahead of Giuliani in IA, and ahead of Thompson in NH by a wide margin could be completely ignored (a la Fox debate). No matter who you support, you should be knowledgable of his policies, not just how he sounds.
  9. amraeder

    amraeder Well-Known Member

    Paul's big thing is he finally gives a voice to the sort of Libertarian base of the GOP that's just been ignored for the past 8 years.
  10. Bamadog

    Bamadog Well-Known Member

    The Paulistas have been at work on I-10 between New Orleans and Mobile. You can't drive two miles without seeing one of those signs. They even have started to spray paint them on bed sheets and hang 'em from overpasses. Weird.

    He has some good ideas, but he ignores islamo-fascism at his peril. And he comes off as a nut in several of the interviews I've seen.

    But Fox's denial of him at the debate is ridiculous.
  11. Here's what I'm thinking: While some douche spraypaints a bedsheet, is he thinking that someone seeing this ratty-ass sign will change their vote? I know it's about name recognition.. but if anything, all the crappy signs seem to make his campaign look half-ass.
  12. sportschick

    sportschick Active Member

    I think that's part of what he's going for. He wants to run a very grassroots campaign, and handmade signs convey that, and appeal to the youth vote, which he's done a good job of collecting.
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