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Who has the best college football program?

Discussion in 'Sports and News' started by Marvin, Apr 14, 2006.

  1. slappy4428

    slappy4428 Active Member

    yes, the program has history...
    Earl yestingsmeyer, Jiohn Ginter leading the way with stats.... and Whitlock... damn, Bubbs --- its a lock...
  2. If this is a historical poll, how is Miami ranked below Florida? The two had a good rivalry back in the day, but Miami has dominated it in the past 20 years. Florida hasn't beaten Miami since 1985 (UM 6-0 since that loss), and Miami has five national championships (one split) to Florida's one. Miami also is 28-25 all-time against Florida and 29-21 against FSU (two national titles). By that order listed previously, I take it FSU is ranked in the top 10. Based on wins and losses, Miami is Florida's best football program and should be ranked higher than both UF and FSU, especially since their three combined championships still doesn't match Miami's total -- from 1983-2001.
  3. HoopsMcCann

    HoopsMcCann Active Member

    perhaps attendence plays a role...
  4. Armchair_QB

    Armchair_QB Well-Known Member

    Testicle Tech
  5. Re: Attendance. Maybe, but it sure isn't hard to get an FSU ticket in Tallahassee. The OB is packed for big games, and pretty empty for the crappy ones (like Temple with a noon kickoff) and about 45-50,000 for the average ones. Miami is a small, private university -- with most of its alums living in NY, NJ, Conn. -- playing in a pro sports market. They do OK for themselves, but sure don't draw what Florida (state's largest/most historic university in a very collegiate market) does. I know USC draws pretty well in LA, but probably not as well as they should for what they have accomplished of late. A few years ago, they weren't drawing all that well either, and I know a lot has to do with them playing in a stadium much too big. Same for UCLA at the Rose. Still, if we're talking top programs, Miami needs to be top 10 and definitely ahead of FSU and UF. All three are relative newcomers to the party. Florida didn't win its first SEC until 1984 -- and had it taken away for cheating before bouncing back with Spurrier in the 90s. Florida State didn't make its first national ripple until it lost to Oklahoma in the 81 Orange Bowl, but were basically just a regional power until the 90s.
  6. micropolitan guy

    micropolitan guy Well-Known Member

    SC's recent attendance averages:
    2005: 90,812
    2004: 85,229
    2003: 77,804
    2002: 66,853
    2001: 57,411

    SC fans are front-runners to a degree, but that's not bad considering the other entertainment options in LA, the Coliseum's crappy neighborhood, and that SC was very medoicre for a long stretch before PC turned it around starting in 2001.

    UCLA has also drawn well, even though it hasn't contended for the Pac-10 title:
    2005: 64,218
    2004: 60,515
    2003: 56,636
    2002: 65,392
    2001: 66,613

    That's about 130,000 or 140,00 between the two of them, and that's not bad. You can't go to the beach in State College or Ann Arbor in the fall.
  7. I thought it might interest some people that we (finally) finished our Top 25 countdown and here are the final results.

    1. Southern California
    2. Ohio State
    3. Penn State
    4. Notre Dame
    5. Michigan
    6. Alabama
    7. Oklahoma
    8. Texas
    9. Tennessee
    10. Florida State
    11. Georgia
    12. Florida
    13. Nebraska
    14. Auburn
    15. LSU
    16. Miami
    17. Army
    18. Texas A&M
    19. UCLA
    20. Navy
    21. Pittsburgh
    22. Stanford
    23. Ole Miss
    24. Clemson
    25. Wisconsin

    Now, just as a reminder, we used 10 categories, half based on last year, the rest all-time. Here’s the top 10 on just the all-time categories:

    1. Alabama
    2. Oklahoma
    3. Southern California
    4. Notre Dame
    5. Michigan
    6. Ohio State
    7. Tennessee
    8. Nebraska
    9. Penn State
    10. Texas

    And finally, here are the conference totals. …

    Top 25 teams Total points
    SEC 7 848.4
    Big 10 4 616.1
    Big 12 4 470.5
    ACC 3 409.0
    Pac-10 3 320
    Independent 3 255.5
    Big East 1 112.4
    Mountain West 0 57.2
    Conference USA 0 37.0
    Mid-American 0 14.0
    Others 108.5
  8. RAMBO

    RAMBO Member

    I agree with your top ten but the only change that I want to make is USC at 1 and Notre Dame at 2.
  9. Jimmy Olson

    Jimmy Olson Member

    Difficult to do if you also include:
    Business Aspects

    Overall, I'd put them on par at #1 with
    a clear separation between them and the
    rest of the pack.
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