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When to cut bait

Discussion in 'Journalism topics only' started by JME, Oct 26, 2006.

  1. henryhenry

    henryhenry Member

    if you want to make it in this business - don't give up. you have to become more creative and innovative in your thinking. if you really are a journalist, do some journalism. come up with a story nobody else has done. they're out there - believe me. find it, do it, and sell it. nobody said being successful was easy. but neither is it impossible. you need one big score to re-invent yourself as a brand name. this is america - land of opportunity. go for it.
  2. So where do you people go to find PR jobs? Is there an equivalent to jj.com? I feel like Monster and Career Builder are just a waste of time. Maybe I'm wrong.
  3. SEWnSO

    SEWnSO Member

    Idaho made a thread with 'just that question' in mind.
    It has a link to the public relations society, or something like that.
    Check it out.
    Thanks, Idaho for the 'public' service.

  4. Flash

    Flash Guest

    I found mine on the federal employment website. But that's a Canadian thing ... good luck!
  5. Double J

    Double J Active Member

    I'll never get one that way -- I don't parlez-vous Francais very well.
  6. Jimmy Olson

    Jimmy Olson Member

    Simply ask yourself one question.

    "Do I love what I do?"

    Your answer lies within.
  7. Flash

    Flash Guest

    I don't either. The site isn't just for government jobs, though. Matter of fact, I never saw a single government posting. That's a-whole-nother site you have to go to if you want to work for the feds. This is just like the old board down at the UI office where you picked jobs off recipe cards. :)
  8. Double J

    Double J Active Member

    Gack, don't remind me. Most of the jobs I saw there were working for farmers, picking rocks out of the fields in the spring.
  9. scribeinwiscy

    scribeinwiscy Member

    I "do" my girlfriend every night. Yes, I love it.
  10. PeteyPirate

    PeteyPirate Guest

    Do you know you said that out loud?
  11. Flash

    Flash Guest

    LOL! That's how we got our blueberry raking jobs in the summer!
  12. prhack

    prhack Member

    Interesting thread. I got out about five years ago after spending most of my career as the No. 2 guy at one small daily or another. I still miss the job on occasion, but on the whole, the life I have now is much more satisfying than the one I had then. Having every weekend off is a revelation, and being able to sit in the stands and cheer my favorite team beats the heck out of a sitting in a press box wondering if my crappy Tandy laptop is going to work or not. I still freelance on occasion and could do more if I wanted, so there's always an outlet for my "fix" if I get to missing it.

    As for where to find PR jobs, I stumbled across mine in the newspaper. Went to work for a local college (institutional PR rather than sports information) and am still doing it five years later (though I've since returned to my alma mater). If you have any sort of interest in higher education, I suggest looking at the job boards of colleges and universities in your area. Many schools have a need for writers and editors, and depending on the type of publications they distribute, you could have the opportunity to do some really cool stuff.
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