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When -- and why -- did Peter Vecsey leave the New York Post?

Discussion in 'Journalism topics only' started by Small Town Guy, Dec 4, 2012.

  1. Small Town Guy

    Small Town Guy Well-Known Member

    Anyone know the story of his departure? I used to read him all the time -- even in recent years -- but hadn't for awhile so didn't notice his column must not have been running. Looks like his last pieces were in the summer. And on Twitter he had this little quip:

    But I don't see anywhere online that says what he might be doing. Even Wikipedia is behind. I admit I like him more than many others did. The jabs, but also he was a great guy for NBA history.

    Maybe he joins Chris Sheridan's NBA website...
  2. shockey

    shockey Active Member

    i covered the knicks and nets in the '82-83 season, when i was 25. 25!! peter was always helpful even though we worked for competing tabs; he liked that i started like he did, covering high school hoops with bill travers for the nydn. 'best time of my life,' he told me. i couldnt believe it -- vecsey was at the top of his profession, gossip-mongering kingpin of the nba and i was living my dream at 25! i told him he had to be b.s.ing me as we looked out onto the msg hardwood during layup drills.

    'i'm serious -- you'll see, h.s. hoops in nyc is the best gig going. this stuff,' he said, motioning out at thee court, 'this stuff? INSTANT AGITTA.'

    i'd use that line myself very often through the years when talking to newbies. to a large extent he was right. ... by now, the internet /.com world made vecsey obsolete.
  3. wilt100

    wilt100 New Member

    Peter retired from the Post this summer. He is taking some time off from writing and weighing offers. He is far from obsolete.
  4. LanceyHoward

    LanceyHoward Well-Known Member

    Why was it handled so quietly? Evidently the paper did not announce it. I would expect a final column by Vecsey and a feature story, etc. by the Post to honor his retirement. He was someone who was a featured writer in their section for 30 years.
  5. Uncle.Ruckus

    Uncle.Ruckus Guest

    Yeah, you're an unbiased source on Peter Vecsey.

  6. Mizzougrad96

    Mizzougrad96 Active Member

    I'm suirprised to read praise about the guy. I was always under the impression that he was hated at almost a Lupica level. I guess the difference was people respected him, but the hatred seemed pretty widespread.

    I'm sure jealousy was a factor on some level, but there are plenty of superstars in the business who seem to be really well-liked.
  7. Versatile

    Versatile Active Member

    I think the first three posts in this thread represent the first time three consecutive comments from different people about Peter Vecsey were compliments.
  8. LongTimeListener

    LongTimeListener Well-Known Member

    One of my all-time favorite sports anecdotes was the one in SI's story about the Vecsey Brothers -- Peter introduces George to Joe Barry Carroll, who says, "There's two of you motherfuckers?"
  9. Mediator

    Mediator Member

    Wilt100 is truly a pseudonym a basketball writer could love.
  10. The Big Ragu

    The Big Ragu Moderator Staff Member

    I don't know who any of the posters are, but I'll lay gazillion to one odds none of them are Chris Sheridan.
  11. shockey

    shockey Active Member

    classic line from a player not exactly considered a quote machine....
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