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What is going on?

Discussion in 'SJ Site News & Suggestions' started by Regan MacNeil, May 22, 2020.

  1. Regan MacNeil

    Regan MacNeil Well-Known Member

    So a Hall of Fame coach dies and a thread isn’t allowed?
  2. Regan MacNeil

    Regan MacNeil Well-Known Member

    Never mind. It must have been started by one of the three people I have on ignore. Carry on.

    (A message from a mod would have stopped me from making it a second time.)
  3. Moderator1

    Moderator1 Moderator Staff Member

    Wellllll, I can't speak for the others - but I'm not on here all the daggone time (though it seems that way!!)
  4. playthrough

    playthrough Moderator Staff Member

    Sorry Regan, that was me. Just saw another thread on Sloan (already with comments) and gave it the boot. Times are tough for moderators, we have to look active sometimes to keep our jobs. Ha.
    Regan MacNeil likes this.
  5. Jerry-atric

    Jerry-atric Active Member

    Which coach died?
  6. Slacker

    Slacker Well-Known Member

    John Wooden.
  7. Jerry-atric

    Jerry-atric Active Member

    Now I think you are just playing with me. ;)
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