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Weekend Sports Editor (Olympics Focused)

Discussion in 'Freelance/stringer help wanted' started by RLE, Apr 24, 2019.

  1. RLE

    RLE Member


    Red Line Editorial is seeking a Weekend Sports Editor for a part-time freelance role with our sports content team. This position would work remotely two weekends per month, serving as the intermediary between writers and clients, and ensuring that stories are delivered accurately and on time.

    Background & Role

    Red Line Editorial works with sports organizations to produce journalistic stories for their websites. The Weekend Sports Editor works primarily on short, quick-turnaround event recaps from Olympic sporting events taking place around the world. The Weekend Sports Editor thoroughly reviews writers’ submissions for style and accuracy, and then submits them to the client. The editor is responsible for maintaining the editorial calendar during assigned weekends and communicating necessary updates between the various parties.


    The ideal candidate has strong editing and fact checking skills, is well organized, and is a proactive communicator and team player. A flexible weekend schedule is also a must. Existing knowledge of Olympic sports is not required, but a willingness to dive in and learn the sports’ nuances is expected.


    On assigned weekends, our Weekend Sports Editor would be in charge of all sports content from Friday evening through Sunday. The actual hours vary depending on event schedules, which are known in advance. Timeliness is important, so the Weekend Sports Editor must be available to edit as soon as a story comes in.

    Expanded Opportunities

    While this posting is specifically for a weekend editor, the candidate who fills this role would be eligible for additional work-for-hire writing assignments with Red Line Editorial.

    To Apply

    Please submit a resume and short introduction to sports@redlineeditorial.com.
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