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Web editor, Ultimate Fighting Championship, Las Vegas

Discussion in 'Journalism Jobs' started by playthrough, Oct 2, 2009.

  1. playthrough

    playthrough Moderator Staff Member

    Web Editor/Web Producer - Ultimate Fighting Championship (Las Vegas, NV)

    If you asked a Zuffa employee what it is like to work for UFC, you would most likely hear some of the following words and phrases in their response:

    High energy; Relaxed yet intense; Friendly, Laid-back atmosphere; Fast-paced; Love being part of a growing professional sports organization; National and international sport; You see the result of your work in the live events; Sexy job; Opportunity for growth; Loyalty of employer and employees to each other, the company and the sport; Intense – always something going on; Work hard – play hard; Open environment – you can interact with anyone that you need to regardless of the level that they hold within the organization; Leadership is devoted to being the biggest and the best; Etc.

    We are currently seeking a Website Editor/Producer. This is a new position to the company that will plan and manage the experiences that visitors to our website have.

    Position Summary:

    Responsible for planning, developing, editing, and coordinating production and publishing of original, hard hitting, compelling web content on UFC.COM, UK.UFC.COM, UFCESPANOL.COM, WEC.TV, PRIDEFC.com; as well as subsequent ancillary points of distribution such as widgets, microsites, and international language sites. Content will include promotional units, video, domestic and international TV schedules, news links, promo announcements, ticket information, event fight cards, fighter bios and international versions of information, sponsorships, advertising, feature stories, interviews and more. Manages a small team and assigns work to outside content providers, advising/mentoring them, and managing their overall work product. Maintains “one-off” content pages in HTML. Position must be able to contribute ideas for new types of content and ways of showcasing it.

    This is a non-travel position. However, this position would require some after-hours work from home and/or office during events.

    Highlighted examples follow:

    Lead overall web content strategy and processes.
    Strategize and conceive topics, stories, and content for websites to ensure a cohesive look on all website home pages each day. Oversee RSS feeds from other outside publishing streams for accuracy and best practices.
    Assign topics, stories, content, etc. and deadlines to employees, content providers and teams. Coach and manage the progress of content development and manage the overall project.
    Plan editorial features in both written and video formats.
    Oversee copy editing process for all new content to ensure accuracy and consistency with brand and style.
    Determine placement of new content based on web strategy and processes.
    Manage comments on news stories and manage inquiry responses submitted through the “ufc info” feature.
    Maintain key words and other elements needed to maximize search optimization.
    Determine which in-house stories need translation and post translations to appropriate locations.
    Use ad trafficking system to traffic advertising creative as purchased.
    Oversee and coordinate the publishing of prelim, DVD info pages, and other cross-marketing links into fighter bios, fight card pages, event pages, fantasy game, and more, as developed.
    Go through all text on major facing pages at least once a day to verify correct spelling, grammar, show dates, times and other details.
    Oversee and create content in text blasts and email news blasts. (Forthcoming initiatives.)

    Minimum Requirements:

    Degree in Journalism, Communications, Interactive Media or related program or equivalent work experience.
    At least 3 years experience producing/editing a website or other online responsibilities.
    Ability to coach, inspire, lead, and build relationships.
    Knowledge of web content management, writing, and editing; ability to negotiate, prioritize and manage multiple projects in a tight deadline, fast-paced environment.
    Ability to set accurate project schedules, time lines, and level of effort estimates.
    Excellent communication skills plus a pro-active approach to finding solutions and managing priorities.
    Must be self-motivated and able to work with little supervision.
    Ability to work across many different disciplines to drive the best online visitor experience.
    Proven editorial skills and outstanding organizational and project management experience to manage concurrent projects and activities.
    Knowledge of web publishing systems and other graphics support software, such as Adobe Creative Suite.
    Understanding of web search technologies and web metrics.
    Basic Photoshop skills.
    At least basic working knowledge of HTML .
    Experience with streaming audio and visual, blogs, podcasts, online contests, videos, audio on line, etc. strongly desired.
    Understanding of social media strongly desired.
    Working knowledge of Flash or other web languages helpful.

    Zuffa offers an excellent benefit package including medical, dental and vision, 401(k) with an excellent company match, life insurance and long-term disability coverage provided by Zuffa, supplemental life insurance and short-term disability insurance available.

    Las Vegas, where Zuffa is located, offers world-class entertainment, restaurants, spas and accommodations. It also has excellent communities away from all of the action on the Strip where life is similar to that of other large cities.

    Note: When you apply for this job online, you will be required to answer the following questions:

    1. What websites are you currently editing/producing? Please provide web addresses.
    2. What is your responsibility for planning web content?
    3. What is your responsibility for managing content production/projects created by others?
    4. What elements have you incorporated into websites (video, blogs, widgets, contests, etc)? Provide a web address as an example if possible.
    5. Tell us about a creative idea that you implemented in a website. What was the result of the implementation of the idea? Was it successful? Why or why not?
    6. Do you maintain or participate in providing content for a social network page? Tell us about that.
    7. What specifically interests you about this position?


    (hounds, release the)
  2. Rumpleforeskin

    Rumpleforeskin Active Member

    If you get to fight, Gregg Doyel has this locked up.
  3. Editude

    Editude Active Member

    This overly long and detailed ad seeks to replace the benefits of the interview in the application process with a one-sided template. It's important that applicants meet basic, reasonable standards, but while companies clearly have the upper hand -- there are six job seekers for every posted opening in the U.S. -- it's quite self-absorbed to have the applicant do all of this before any winnowing.
  4. SF_Express

    SF_Express Active Member

    I am not knocking this job in the least, but that's the most disproportionate length for a job posting relative to its overall importance in the world that I have seen, I think.
  5. flexmaster33

    flexmaster33 Active Member

    Is this the person who sends you mass UFC e-mail spams every other day...you know, the ones that I keep sending into my junk can???
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