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Virtual Sadness

Discussion in 'Anything goes' started by Italian_Stallion, Feb 7, 2008.

  1. Italian_Stallion

    Italian_Stallion Active Member

    Ten years ago, I created an audacious Web site with dancing GIF skeletons and a shocking bright orange background. I created the entire thing using HTML code I wrote myself. The Web world has achieved much in the past 10 years, and my site, which hadn't been updated since I built it, was a reminder of a lost world, one where a MIDI version of your favorite rock song was considered cool.

    Today, as I was thinking that the site might give an inaccurate depiction of my current web skills, I decided to take it down. I spent a good 10 minutes just trying to remember my password. Thankfully, that hadn't changed much in the past decade. I had more trouble remembering my membername.

    With the click of a few buttons, I wiped out all of it. It was a very sad moment. How it lasted all those years without the host site pulling it down is beyond me. About once a year, though, I'd type in the address, if I could even remember it, and there it was. I built that site the same year I met my wife. I had a sappy section dedicated to her that I never quite finished before actual life took over. Ah, so sad.
  2. beefncheddar

    beefncheddar Guest

    Cheer Up Emo Kid!
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