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USC reporter, Rivals

Discussion in 'Journalism Jobs' started by MU_was_not_so_hard, Feb 26, 2008.

  1. MU_was_not_so_hard

    MU_was_not_so_hard Active Member

    One of the reporting jobs on the Southern Cal Rivals site (usc.rivals.com) is opening as one of their reporters is leaving. I don't have a link for an official opening because they may wait until Summer to fill the job (although I've been told the right candidate could push that hire date up).

    Clips and such can be sent to ryan@uscfootball.com
  2. credroc

    credroc Member

    I'm sure the horse has been beaten enough about the Rivals and Scouts of the world, but I'd like to bring it back up again because, like the good reporter I am, I was out of the room when the question was first asked.
    I know some quality guys that have left nice, full-time gigs for these sites. One that comes to mind is Chase Goodbread, formerly of the Florida Times-Union to Bama's Rivals' page.
    I know the copy on some of these are sometimes pretty rough, but they're definitely hustling. Is the respect factor growing? Anyone ... anyone ... Bueller ...
  3. MU_was_not_so_hard

    MU_was_not_so_hard Active Member

    The guy who is leaving this job is pretty good, and he's getting an opportunity back in newspapers that would have been hard to turn down.
    These sites, I believe, are gaining credence, especially with some of the hires they've pulled away from other outlets. But some are coming along slower than others.
  4. earlyentry

    earlyentry Member

    Former Tennessean writer Chris Low worked for Rivals (Volsquest) before he left for ESPN...I remember reading that here.
    In my area, Rivals and Scout receive credentials to all events. All of the top programs have publishers off and running in terms of subscriptions and readerships...your Florida schools and big SEC and ACC programs are through the roof in popularity, I'm sure of it.
  5. earlyentry

    earlyentry Member

  6. I know a lot of them pay well. Which attracts good people. Which makes your site better.

    Imagine that, huh?
  7. Sam Mills 51

    Sam Mills 51 Active Member

    Careful ... Dean Singleton says you're whining. :)
  8. Steak Snabler

    Steak Snabler Well-Known Member

    I hear this here Internets is the wave of the future ...
  9. zebracoy

    zebracoy Guest

    Nah, it's just a passing fancy. We all know that.
  10. mustangj17

    mustangj17 Active Member

    It depends what site you work for/ what beat you cover for credibility.

    On Scout's end, baseball is not too glamorous.
  11. I worked for a Rivals site for about 15 months -- I learned a lot, though I was like a fish out of water for awhile as I adjusted to this non-newspaper thing ...

    my co-worker (who is still there) probably knew more about the inner workings of the school's football and BKB programs than about anyone else on the beat ... he and the scout guy broke more scoops than anyone else, especially on recruiting and when coaches, left, etc. like someone above said, the writing isn't always that great but these guys do hustle...
  12. thejo

    thejo Guest

    Are you all out of college or being doing rounds?
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