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USA WC headlines?

Discussion in 'Journalism topics only' started by GBNF, Jun 23, 2010.

  1. Big Circus

    Big Circus Well-Known Member

    I'm using the "Donovan" angle and using Donovan songs. To that end, my plan is to go Fiona Apple-style and use the entire intro to "Atlantis" as my headline, taking up the entire front if need be:

    The continent of Atlantis was an island
    Which lay before the great flood
    In the area we now call the Atlantic Ocean.
    So great an area of land, that from her western shores
    Those beautiful sailors journeyed to the South
    And the North Americas with ease
    In their ships with painted sails.
    To the east, Africa was a neighbor,
    Across a short strait of sea miles.

    The great Egyptian age is but a remnant
    Of the Atlantian culture.
    The antediluvian kings colonized the world;
    All the Gods who play in the mythological dramas
    In all legends from all lands were from fair Atlantis.

    Knowing her fate, Atlantis sent out ships to all corners of the Earth.
    On board were the Twelve:
    The poet, the physician, the farmer, the scientist, the magician,
    And the other so-called Gods of our legends,
    Though Gods they were.
    And as the elders of our time choose to remain blind,
    Let us rejoice and let us sing and dance and ring in the new . . .
    Hail Atlantis!
  2. Mizzougrad96

    Mizzougrad96 Active Member

    Party in the USA seems to be the favorite on most of the sites...
  3. Football_Bat

    Football_Bat Well-Known Member

    We're in the heart of CWS country today, but this game will be prominent on our cover. I'm leaning toward "The Eagle has Landon"
  4. MilanWall

    MilanWall Member

    U.S. Amazing
  5. nmmetsfan

    nmmetsfan Active Member

    One if by Landon
  6. jrw

    jrw Member

    No offense, but you're crazy to discount the victory today. Poor team or not, the U.S. advanced and topped their group for the first time since 1930. Tell him how that victory wasn't historic?
  7. beardown

    beardown Member

    Going, Going ... (now) Ghana
  8. Shaggy

    Shaggy Guest

    Here's a question: Do you treat this story like people are going to be reading about it for the first time in the paper? Doesn't the whole world already know about it?
  9. PaperDoll

    PaperDoll Well-Known Member

    American dream
  10. HanSenSE

    HanSenSE Well-Known Member

    Red, white and golden
  11. MileHigh

    MileHigh Moderator Staff Member

    The only Miracle on Grass (to this point) is 1-0 against England in 1950.

    Hed: Seconds, in command
  12. Piotr Rasputin

    Piotr Rasputin New Member

    Colombia, 1994.

    Quite Right, Slick: Donovan wins it for U.S.

    Or some such. Let's not make this game out to be that much more than it is. It's been a while since the U.S. was really a soccer minnow. They've really strung together some very good results over the last decade.
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