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Two-year sports residency reporter

Discussion in 'Journalism Jobs' started by DJ Dunson, Mar 12, 2012.

  1. Gold

    Gold Active Member

    OK let me explain a couple of things to you.

    This forum is a place where people can speak freely and exchange information. You claim you didn't post this here because you say misinformation is posted here.

    First of all, the job was posted on journalism jobs. You can post it anywhere you like, but this is the Internet age. You don't control this forum and you don't control the Internet.

    Why a two-year "internship"? If somebody does a good job, they are out after two years? How is that a smart move for a young journalist?

    You complain about inaccuracies, but you don't cite any examples.
  2. Gold

    Gold Active Member

    If you are interested in accuracy, perhaps you can answer these questions.

    1. How many people were laid off last year?

    2. How many full-time people work there this year? How many full-time people worked there five years ago?

    3. Other than Dorf, where have you worked in journalism?

    4. Who are the most recent three people to go from Dorf to the Ledger? When did this happen?

    5. What does it say that people from Dorf have their articles in the Ledger and their new media on nj.com, and nobody moves to the Ledger?

    sd, please provide some accurate answers for everyone.
  3. sd10019

    sd10019 New Member

    If anyone who wants to seriously apply and has questions, send a resume in and i will get back to you.
    If you believe its a horrible job, im sorry i wasted your time and, sincerely, good luck moving forward.
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