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Two Charlotte Observer jobs

Discussion in 'Journalism Jobs' started by Mike_Persinger, May 12, 2006.

  1. One coming in for an interview in two weeks. If you're a designer and you don't have a portfolio on newspagedesigner.com, get one. It lets sports editors go from name and resume to portfolio in an easy-to-use format quickly. Personally, I'd rather get stuff there than from a CD.

    Wish more copy editors would put their best headline work on there, too, to be honest. When you write a main hed you're proud of, it'd give me a quick idea of how good it is, how well it worked with the whole package, etc.
  2. DyePack

    DyePack New Member

    In the same token, do you look for the pages filled with cliche headlines, misspelled names in headlines, etc.? Because there are plenty of those at that site.
  3. Certainly the site has good and bad. But the good -- the really good -- does stand out. The last time I had a design opening, I cruised around the sports part of the site and found four designers at smaller papers I liked plus the guy I hired. All of the other four are at papers our size or better now. And that search was only about six months ago.

    Just like you wouldn't put a bad clip in a packet of your work as a reporter, don't put something on there you don't want me to see. But if I see 10 great pages, it's not an accident. Or 10 great headlines.
  4. NoOneYouKnow

    NoOneYouKnow Member

    Giving this one a bump to the top, and asking a question too.

    Does anyone know which designer left?

    I'd be interested in seeing the work of the person the Observer is trying to replace.
  5. Tiffany Pease is leaving, for San Jose.

  6. Lt. Drebin

    Lt. Drebin New Member

    **** bump ****

    anything new here?
  7. beefncheddar

    beefncheddar Guest


    any updates?
  8. I wanted to update the board on our search.

    The move to McClatchy has already paid dividends for us. Our two jobs became three, and there's a shot they could become four. I've hired one designer and sent papers to critique to several people in my first cut of candidates. I'm looking for a second high-end designer and one copy editor right now (with a strong candidate coming in next week for that job), and could add a second copy editing job.

    I won't put anyone through the hoops if they aren't near the top of my list, unless you ask me to send you a paper so you can show me what you know.

    And, I've added another job to the list. Jena Janovy is leaving us to become an enterprise editor at ESPN.com, so I'm looking for a night sports editor. Some supervisory experience, probably at least three years, is a must for this. The hire will supervise the night operation four nights a week and have one planning shift.

    Here's the description of us, and of the two original jobs.

    We have two openings at The Charlotte Observer, one for a sports copy editor and one for a high-end sports designer.
    We cover the NFL's Carolina Panthers, the NBA's Charlotte Bobcats, ACC football and basketball, NASCAR's Nextel Cup Series (we're the heart of NASCAR country), golf's major events and the PGA Tour's Wachovia Championship, Class AAA baseball's Charlotte Knights, 110 high schools (including Independence High School football, which has a winning streak that should reach 100 games this season).
    I'm looking for a designer who can handle our biggest days in a busy department and think conceptually as well as literally. And I'm looking for a copy editor with the drive and guts to go beyond reading what's put in front of them and conceive and execute ideas that make our section better.
    Salaries will depend on experience and accomplishment.
    We're a Knight Ridder paper that is among those McClatchy keeps.
    I'll answer questions here or by e-mail, mpersinger@charlotteobserver.com.

    Send resumes and work samples by e-mail, or to:
    Mike Persinger
    Executive Sports Editor
    The Charlotte Observer
    P.O. Box 30308
    Charlotte, NC 28230

    Street address is:
    600 S. Tryon St.
    Charlotte, NC 28202
  9. DyePack

    DyePack New Member

    Can I get a paper so I can "show you what I know?"
  10. boots

    boots New Member

    While it is nice that Mike has decided to update the board. His arrogance is showing. Charlotte is a nice place but .....
  11. bydesign77

    bydesign77 Active Member

    but what, boots?

    according to a report I googled quickly, Charlotte is the 44th largest newspaper in the country with a circulation of 274,125. How many SEs at No. 1-43 do you think would come on here to update us on the openings and be upfront about the situation?

    Or even 45-100?

    I've spoken with Mike about a job in the past, and while I didn't make the cut, he was honest and helpful. To knock a guy like that on this is outlandish.

    And Charlotte is a great city.
  12. boots

    boots New Member

    Charlotte is , well , Charlotte.
    As for Mike, as i said, it's nice that he gave the update but I detect a tinge of arrogance that basically rubbed me like sand in my speedo.
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