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Two Charlotte Observer jobs

Discussion in 'Journalism Jobs' started by Mike_Persinger, May 12, 2006.

  1.         We have two openings at The Charlotte Observer, one for a sports copy editor and one for a high-end sports designer.     
            We cover the NFL's Carolina Panthers, the NBA's Charlotte Bobcats, ACC football and basketball, NASCAR's Nextel Cup Series (we're the heart of NASCAR country), golf's major events and the PGA Tour's Wachovia Championship, Class AAA baseball's Charlotte Knights, 110 high schools (including Independence High School football, which has a winning streak that should reach 100 games this season).
            I'm looking for a designer who can handle our biggest days in a busy department and think conceptually as well as literally. And I'm looking for a copy editor with the drive and guts to go beyond reading what's put in front of them and conceive and execute ideas that make our section better.
           Salaries will depend on experience and accomplishment.
          We're a Knight Ridder paper that is among those McClatchy keeps.
          I'll answer questions here or by e-mail, mpersinger@charlotteobserver.com.

         Send resumes and work samples by e-mail, or to:
         Mike Persinger
         Executive Sports Editor
         The Charlotte Observer
         P.O. Box 30308
         Charlotte, NC 28230

         Street address is:
         600 S. Tryon St.
         Charlotte, NC 28202

  2. fmrsped

    fmrsped Active Member

    Well-designed paper (Hi, DyePack!), and they obviously have plenty of opportunities to do big things; their Panthers sections were very cool in the playoffs.

    I've dealt with Mike one time in the past, and I was a young, naive guy who thought he could get a job there. He treated me like I wasn't and was forward with me the entire time.

    Charlotte is a pretty cool town, especially if you like NASCAR, but it's got a hopping downtown as well.
  3. There is a great irish bar downtown neat the paper. Can't for the life of me remember it's name.
    Charlotte is a great town! I would so love to work at the Observer - not on the desk - as a writer.

    Good luck.
  4. DyePack

    DyePack New Member

    Hi, yourself.

    Well, this paper actually has the sense to separate the designer and copy editor functions. Imagine that -- letting editors be editors and designers be fucktards designers. What a concept!
  5. RiRa's. And thanks.
  6. RiRa's has to be a chain then. There is one in downtown Burlington, Vt., too.
  7. NoOneYouKnow

    NoOneYouKnow Member

    Mr. Persinger,

    Is the designer opening your top such position in Sports or is there an assistant sports editor of design?
  8. There's an ASE for design, Mary Ann Lawrence, who's been here for about eight years. But there's enough fun stuff for more than one person, and Mary Ann delegates well.
  9. Better city and paper? Charlotte, Raleigh, Richmond, Pittsburgh (my fav!)
  10. wheels89

    wheels89 Active Member

    Mike's a good guy to deal with and there are more than enough opportunities to do good stuff.
    Plus with Mary Ann and their overall design director, Sarah Franquet, who used to be at Palm Beach, the designs are always solid and well done.
  11. Madhavok

    Madhavok Well-Known Member

    By 'high-end sports designer', he means a vet of the business?

    Charlotte is awesome. My brother just moved from Kannapolis to the lake, Denver I think? Anyway, visited him a few weeks back and the paper is well done. Great area if you're a NASCAR fan or not.
  12. Not necessarily a vet in terms of experience. The person we lost was young but great. There are young, great designers out there. By high end I mean that this job requires a designer, not just a layout person. There's a difference.
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