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TV Media coverage of tonight's elections

Discussion in 'Journalism topics only' started by doggieseatdoggies, Nov 3, 2009.

  1. doggieseatdoggies

    doggieseatdoggies New Member

    MSNBC and Fox have rendered analysis of the elections and I've watched a little of both. Fox is slobbering all over itself to declare this an utter rejection of the Obama movement. On the other side, it seems MSNBC has polled voters in Virginia who said President Obama had nothing to do with their decision, but also said jobs and the economy was a motivating factor. Isn't it prudent in analysis to say that the economy and Obama are intertwined in some respect? If you think the economy is in the crapper, are they automatically saying it was Bush's fault? After all under Obama's watch the stock market has rebounded and there's been declarations of the recession being over. But, if people are voting because of the economy, they're obviously ignoring what the pundits are saying and pointing to the common man's wallet book and the unemployment numbers in existence NOW, not a year ago.
    I'm tired of the spin on the analysis. Just give us analysis. Just dig for the bottom line and take the tinted glasses off.

    I'm hoping this thread can stay seeing as to how the focus is media and not politics.
  2. Moderator1

    Moderator1 Moderator Staff Member

    From my former paper:

    McDonnell’s victory continued a remarkable political phenomenon. Since 1976, Virginians have followed every presidential election by electing a governor from the opposing party a year later.

    Media folks (or anyone else) ought to be aware that Virginia has always been a strange political animal. They should not read anything into the results that would indicate a "message" to the current administration.
  3. Starman

    Starman Well-Known Member

    If the sky is blue on any particular day, the network which exists only as a propaganda and distortion machine slobbers all over itself proclaiming utter vindication of its own particular political stance.
  4. albert77

    albert77 Well-Known Member

    You mean CNN?
  5. clutchcargo

    clutchcargo Active Member

    Yeah, I mean, it really sucks that Fox slobbers all over itself on a night like this when on the other hand you have objective media stalwarts such as MSNBC, NYT and CNN that never, ever show an ounce of bias. Shame on Fox News!
  6. Starman

    Starman Well-Known Member

    And here ... we ... go!

    Last edited by a moderator: Dec 15, 2014
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