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Trib now $1 outside of Chicago

Discussion in 'Journalism topics only' started by steveu, Jan 3, 2007.

  1. steveu

    steveu Well-Known Member

    Hey gang... apologize if this is a d_b, but the earlier thread where someone wondered if the Trib's cover price had gone to $1 outside Chicago is true. I live in southwest Michigan, and imagine my surprise when the cost of my Trib and USAT I purchase went from $1.50 to $1.75.

    Yikes. Trib, if you're going to raise the cover price to $1, at least give me the same paper the city gets. (For the record, papers outside of Chicago and suburbs don't have sections like real estate, auto, homes and classified.)
  2. Frank_Ridgeway

    Frank_Ridgeway Well-Known Member

    Sometimes a price increase hurts circulation, sometimes it doesn't. A paper that depends more on street sales than home delivery is more likely to be hurt worse. Our customers do not make their decision based solely on price; if they did, they would read online instead of buying the newsprint. Also, I do not believe Trib readers are going to see the Sun-Times or suburban papers as an option, even if they are half the price, not when getting the product you want is only a couple dollars a weeks more.
  3. Gold

    Gold Active Member

    But then the question is this - do the people outside the area who are paying a dollar get the early edition of the paper? That paper wouldn't have the late scores and maybe not the final story on the teams. That wouldn't make it seem like such a good deal.
  4. DyePack

    DyePack New Member

    If the Sun-Times would stop all the circus-like, over-the-top bullshit and go back to being a newspaper, I'd get it instead of the Trib in a heartbeat.

    As far as games, you get the scores for most of the non-West Coast events.

    The true annoyance is the Sunday paper, which often has none of the results from Saturday.
  5. steveu

    steveu Well-Known Member

    If I'm not mistaken, I think the Trib is printed at a satellite facility somewhere in Michigan (Holland, perhaps, but I'm not sure). We don't get the Midwest edition which goes around the country and I think the edition we get contains content from fairly late in the evening.
  6. Armchair_QB

    Armchair_QB Well-Known Member

    I'd be interested to know how much money newspapers are losing on state-wide and regional editions? It's got to be a considerable amount of money. Why would somebody in Michigan subscribe to the Trib when they can read it on-line for free?
  7. DyePack

    DyePack New Member

    For those who may or may not care, SW Michigan has the biggest clusterfuck of newspaper situations available.

    On a given day, you'll find boxes for two Chicago papers, two Detroit papers, at least two regional dailies and USA Today, plus any spares for the New York Times or the Sports Weekly.
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