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Tradesports.com--NY NY

Discussion in 'Journalism Jobs' started by RonB, Dec 21, 2013.

  1. RonB

    RonB New Member

    Tradesports.com is seeking a high energy, super knowledgeable, well connected, socially adept Director of Content who thrives in a start up environment...

    Tradesports.com is a Fantasy Sports skill based contest platform where contestants enter real money trading contests for cash prizes.

    Contests can be based on single sporting events or seasons, (or any time frame) and will cover all sporting events.

    Tradesports.com contests are legal in the US and fall within the fantasy sports "carve-out permissions" in UIGEA legislation from 2006.

    Tradesports.com previously operated from 2003 until 2008, and is now focused on re-launch with a revised contest platform for March Madness 2014.

    Essential Requirements:

    The job requires "living and breathing sports", having extremely deep knowledge of fantasy sports and stats and the ability to edit content in a clear and concise manner. Candidates need to write well about more than 1 sport in the fantasy "realm", they must be good strategic thinkers and quick learners, and able to manage a distributed team. The candidates personality must be team based and able to foster solid win-win relationships between us and other content providers in the space...

    We need to make sure Tradesports.com is listing the optimal contests about the most interesting sporting events (and the important aspects of those sporting events) for trading.

    The successful candidate will be the SPORTS GURU of the company.

    The position is titled "Director of Content", is (more than) full time, and NY based beginning February,,,


    We are not hung up on degrees, but we are serious about excellence, integrity, and commitment. The successful candidate will be able to demonstrate the skills described, in person and with 3-D examples....

    Technical knowledge should include MS Word, lite HTML/web publishing, some digital pizzazz tools (data visualizations and statistics a plus), social media skills and of course solid writing....

    A passion for sports is a must.....

    Please submit a cover letter, a current resume, and examples of your work (PDF, MS Word format, web links) to:


    Salary is negotiable, benefits include vesting equity and health insurance, and a dynamic, fun work environment....

    (Jan 8, 2014: Thank you all very much for your interest and contact, we are no longer accepting applications for this position.)
  2. RonB

    RonB New Member

    Thank you all very much for your interest and contact, we are no longer accepting applications for this position.
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