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Toronto restaurant help

Discussion in 'Anything goes' started by TwoGloves, Feb 18, 2012.

  1. TwoGloves

    TwoGloves Well-Known Member

    Going to be working in one of my favorite cities next week and am taking my wife with me. I'm curious if anyone knows of a good/fun restaurant in the downtown/Yonge Street area I can take my wife to for dinner? I've been to TO roughly 50 times but tend to hit the same places all the time (cheap ones!) and I'd like to take her somewhere unique without breaking the bank. Any suggestions? We're staying at one of the Marriotts on Yonge Street. Thanks in advance.
  2. Sea Bass

    Sea Bass Well-Known Member

    I've never been to this place but my wife has and loved it. The Sultan's Tent, just east of Yonge, on Front Street. It's a Moroccan place. They've got belly dancers apparently.
  3. Iron_chet

    Iron_chet Well-Known Member

    There is a place called The Wine Bar on Church street not far from where you are staying. I was there when it was The Jamie Kennedy Wine Bar and it was fantastic, friends say it is still really tasty.

    Sharable plates of really yummy food with local ingredients.
  4. TwoGloves

    TwoGloves Well-Known Member

    Hockey player I know from Toronto suggested Baton Rouge for ribs and the Beer Market. Anyone know about them?
  5. Huggy

    Huggy Well-Known Member

    Went to Baton Rouge - Eaton Centre location - once and the service was abysmal. Food was nothing special.

    Beer Market is good, there are lots of good bars along the Esplanade and on Front St. Irish Embassy on Yonge north of Front is one of my fave downtown spots.
  6. JR

    JR Well-Known Member

    What's your budget? $100 for the two of you. Less? More?
  7. txsportsscribe

    txsportsscribe Active Member

    olive garden
  8. TwoGloves

    TwoGloves Well-Known Member

    Less. We're not looking for anything real fancy. Just something local that is tasty and we can't at home. The Irish Embassy sounds interesting.
  9. Huggy

    Huggy Well-Known Member

    It's a good spot, certainly a huge step up from the fake Irish bars that dot the Toronto area. It can get busy before a Saturday night Leaf game or before a show at Massey Hall which is just up the street.
  10. TwoGloves

    TwoGloves Well-Known Member

    We're looking at Tuesday night. Took my wife there a while back for the first time and we were only in town for a couple hours but she loved the hot dogs from the street vendors, so I'm sure a few of those are in our future as well.
  11. JR

    JR Well-Known Member

    Nothing wrong with the Irish Embassy but here's a suggestion.

    Take the subway north to the Rosedale stop. Cross the street and go up a block to The Rebel House, a reat pub with a number of local beers AND a great kitchen.


    Used to work down the street and went to this place a couple of times a week.
  12. TwoGloves

    TwoGloves Well-Known Member

    The Rebel House? Now that sounds like my kind of place! Thanks.
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