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Top 10 Will Ferrell SNL Sketches of All Time (w/video)

Discussion in 'Anything goes' started by Deeper_Background, Aug 3, 2006.

  1. Mizzougrad96

    Mizzougrad96 Active Member

    I need to reply to this thread just to get my avatar in here... :)
  2. shotglass

    shotglass Guest

    Not only one of his 10 best ... one of the better five-minute bytes of comedy in the last decade.

    Both times -- with SM Gellar and with Gwyneth Paltrow.
  3. tyler durden 71351

    tyler durden 71351 Active Member

    No Bill Brasky stuff?
  4. Lugnuts

    Lugnuts Well-Known Member

    I don't know if Goulet Coconut was the same one where Goulet raps... but if that's the one, I nearly peed in my pants when I saw that.
  5. Chi City 81

    Chi City 81 Guest

    It is, Luggy.
  6. One that I think needs to be on the list is "Sean Mondavi Vineyards." It was from one of the episodes hosted by John Goodman. I have searched for it every once in a while the past few years, and I still haven't found a clip of it. But it is absolutely hilarious, in my humble opinion.
  7. Bubbler

    Bubbler Well-Known Member

    That list is pretty good, though I'm partial to the skit he ad-libbed as a honery doctor with Renee Zellweger, he repeated it later with Molly Shannon and it wasn't as good, but that's the one they always show in repeats.

    I also liked the Jim Carrey weight-loss infomercial (Ride the Snake!), the nude student-painting model skits, the Bill Brasky's and Hank Petchow's Rat Poison commercial.

    "Woof, woof, Petchow!
    "Woof, woof, Petchow!
    "Woof, woof, Petchow!
    "(low register voice) rat poison!"

    I'm glad cowbell isn't on top, Neil Diamond should be No. 1, though Goulet rapping is choice too.
  8. Hoo

    Hoo Active Member

    Good call, dude.
  9. SportsDude

    SportsDude Active Member

  10. PopeDirkBenedict

    PopeDirkBenedict Active Member

    E! has the Best of Farrell on right now.
  11. Ronnie "Z-Man" Barzell

    Ronnie "Z-Man" Barzell Active Member

    The Mr.Tarkanian skit was defintely his best moment on SNL.
  12. Even better than the Sean Mondavi Vineyard skit is his Erectyle Dysfunction Commercial.

    "This is Doug Kimball. He has a droopy ding dong. We're talking whoooooooooooooooooooooop."

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