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Tiny Pa. paper stops publishing daily after more than 120 years

Discussion in 'Journalism topics only' started by J.C. Wolf, Jun 30, 2009.

  1. J.C. Wolf

    J.C. Wolf Member

    I heard while attending the APSE convention that my former newspaper recently laid off staff and cut back to a weekly, and I was sad – but not shocked – to learn that it happened.

    In fact, many have expressed surprise over the years that The Phoenix, a tiny paper in suburban Philadelphia, hadn’t yet folded. But the town of Phoenixville has a rich history and its paper has chugged right along, being published daily seemingly since Gutenberg invented the press (well, since 1888).

    I long ago heard a rumor that it was the last sub-10,000 circulation daily newspaper in a major metropolitan market in the country, and there are some good people who can call themselves alumni.

    At any rate, the following article actually gives me some hope for the place, even though the spin on it is so intense you could vomit.

    The Phoenix changes the way it provides your news

    They’re giving the paper away for free now, which I really think could work in that market if they do things right. But that’s the rub.
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