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This story's a real ball buster

Discussion in 'Sports and News' started by Batman, Apr 28, 2012.

  1. Batman

    Batman Well-Known Member

  2. dooley_womack1

    dooley_womack1 Well-Known Member

    Kung fu grip!
  3. slappy4428

    slappy4428 Active Member

    Boom goes the dynamite
  4. Bubbler

    Bubbler Well-Known Member

    "Pai Mei taught you the five-point-palm-exploding-balls technique?"
  5. HanSenSE

    HanSenSE Well-Known Member

    wax on, wax off
  6. SockPuppet

    SockPuppet Active Member

    Sweep the sack.
  7. bigpern23

    bigpern23 Well-Known Member

    This made me laugh.
  8. SportsGuyBCK

    SportsGuyBCK Active Member

    This is strangely appropriate ... :)

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