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The Virginian-Pilot is seeking a sports writer

Discussion in 'Journalism Jobs' started by Virginian-Pilot, Mar 22, 2010.

  1. Virginian-Pilot

    Virginian-Pilot New Member

    The Virginian-Pilot is seeking a Sports Writer to cover a beat that includes Norfolk State University football and Old Dominion University women’s basketball. The successful candidate will write breaking news, features, explanatory and investigative articles. This person will also serve as a backup writer on a number of beats, including high schools and the Norfolk Tides.

    Education/Experience required:

    * Bachelor’s degree from an accredited college or university.
    * Three (3) years reporting experience at a daily newspaper.
    * Experience contributing to online media content.

    To apply, please submit resume online at:

    If you have trouble with that link:
    * go to www.thevirginianpilot.com/careers
    * click on Opportunities (next to About Us)
    * click on Search for Jobs
    * click on "to search by job code"
    * enter job code 2750 and hit Enter on your keyboard
    * click on Sports Writer
    * click on Apply On-Line!
  2. Fenix031

    Fenix031 New Member

    I went through the online application process, and I'm intrigued they only ask for a resume. No clips or cover letter. You'd think it would help them filter through the applicants with writing samples.
  3. CCaple

    CCaple Member

    Anyone with experience dealing with these kinds of openings know if they'd hire someone graduating in June?
  4. MileHigh

    MileHigh Moderator Staff Member

    * Three (3) years reporting experience at a daily newspaper.
  5. CCaple

    CCaple Member

    Yeah, I saw that, but have heard from past experiences that sometimes that isn't necessarily the case. But almost all on this board would know more about that than I would. Figured I'd ask.
  6. the_lorax

    the_lorax Member

    Give it a shot. The worst thing that can happen is they say no thanks.
  7. CCaple

    CCaple Member

    My thoughts exactly. I was wondering the same thing as the previous poster about the application format, though. Maybe they just know what they're looking for in a resume and will worry about clips once they've narrowed down their field?
  8. the_lorax

    the_lorax Member

    That's probably a good guess, and it's probably something that a lot of papers do. Even if they do ask for clips or a cover letter, they're not reading all of them without at least glancing at the resume, I wouldn't think.
  9. Fenix031

    Fenix031 New Member

    When you do the online application process, they specifically make you answer a question about three years experience at a daily. If you answer no, I wonder if it doesn't let you continue with the process? Could be.
  10. nate41

    nate41 Member

    That would be correct
  11. turnovers

    turnovers Member

    Ballpark on salary?
  12. PM if you'd like more info on this one.
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