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The *least interesting* minor Seinfeld characters

Discussion in 'Anything goes' started by poindexter, Aug 15, 2014.

  1. poindexter

    poindexter Well-Known Member

    We all know and love many of the minor characters from Seinfeld.... Babu Bhatt... Kenny Bania, Big Hands, the Soup Nazi. We all have our favorites.

    How about the characters you didn't like, that never connected with you?

    I nominate The Drake. "Hate the Drake!" "Love the Drake!".. who cares? Drake was a complete bore.

    Another was the guy who cleaned Jerry's apartment and stole the statue. They were going for something with that guy, his flowery statements and mannerisms, but he sucked.

    I find most of the least interesting minor characters were from early in the show.

    Do you have any?
  2. Steak Snabler

    Steak Snabler Well-Known Member

    "There's a-Ray, late as usual ..."

    Rava was such a bitch.
  3. Gutter

    Gutter Well-Known Member

    Bob Sacamano
  4. poindexter

    poindexter Well-Known Member

    Did we ever even meet Bob Sacamano?
  5. Steak Snabler

    Steak Snabler Well-Known Member

    No, nor Cousin Jeffrey.
  6. poindexter

    poindexter Well-Known Member

    Crazy Joe Davola got more airtime than he deserved.
  7. Inky_Wretch

    Inky_Wretch Well-Known Member

    Uncle Leo wasted airtime.
  8. champ_kind

    champ_kind Well-Known Member

    The guy whose dog Jerry had to take care of. Just terrible.
  9. clintrichardson

    clintrichardson Active Member

    jackie chiles
  10. poindexter

    poindexter Well-Known Member

    Exactly. He blew. Those early shows just lacked imagination.
  11. poindexter

    poindexter Well-Known Member

    Shut your mouth.
  12. Dick Whitman

    Dick Whitman Well-Known Member

    That guy hadn't even left his apartment in years, if I recall.
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