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The Kansas City Star refuses to publish 'Redskins'

Discussion in 'Journalism topics only' started by Versatile, Sep 30, 2012.

  1. Versatile

    Versatile Active Member


    The Kansas City Star has a policy against using "Redskins" in print. The newspaper's Public Editor defends the position after a reader inquiry.

    My first thought is, it must be a pain in the ass to be on that desk, depending on how steadfast the editors are about the policy's enforcement. You're in Big 12 country, and Robert Griffin III gets drafted second overall by ... Washington's NFL team?
  2. Riptide

    Riptide Well-Known Member

    There's something to be said for knowing how to pick your battles. Especially in an NFL city.
  3. zagoshe

    zagoshe Well-Known Member

    This is another example of political correctness run amok. What a bunch of snot nosed pinhead idiots these editors are.
  4. Versatile

    Versatile Active Member

    I side with those who argue the NFL and MLB should force the Redskins and Indians to change their nicknames, though it's not a cause close to my heart. I think those sides make solid logical points: Unlike the Illini or Seminoles, Redskins and Indians are generalist and arguably insensitive terms.

    That said, it's wildly impractical and not solving any issues to simply strike the word from the sports section of a newspaper circulated a thousand miles away. I would bet most Redskins executives and board members have no idea the Star has been doing this for years.
  5. Riptide

    Riptide Well-Known Member

    I hope they don't tolerate any ads for crackers, either. ::)
  6. exmediahack

    exmediahack Well-Known Member

    I have no problem with it.

    My background is in broadcasting and, going back to the late 1990's, I wouldn't say "Redskins", "Indians", "Fighting Sioux", etc. Yet, I did not have an issue with "Chiefs", "Warriors", "Seminoles", "Chippewa", etc.

    I would write around it, just calling them Washington, Cleveland, North Dakota. I also worked in markets with sizable Native American populations and it just wasn't worth getting mail from people upset about it. So I wouldn't.

    I never received a phone call or email from a viewer asking, "when you gonna say 'Redskins' during your NFL highlights?"
  7. Riptide

    Riptide Well-Known Member

    What is the Star's policy on "blacklisted"? Or does that get a free pass?
  8. Shoeless Joe

    Shoeless Joe Active Member

    I'm generally the first to tell the PC crowd to get bent, but I really don't have a problem with this. It's as easy to type "Washington" as it is "Redskins."
  9. Norrin Radd

    Norrin Radd New Member

    How do they identify Kansas City's NFL team?
  10. jackandcoke

    jackandcoke Member

    Think the Seattle Times had (or has) a similar policy on the use of Redskins. At least last year when the Redskins, er, Washington played the Seahawks they did.
  11. Versatile

    Versatile Active Member

    It's one thing in staff stories. The AP makes that much more difficult, though.
  12. BillyT

    BillyT Active Member

    The team name is the Redskins.

    Not using it, for your own purposes, is bad practice.
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