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The Best (North) American SJ.com Writing of 2008 (please submit entries)

Discussion in 'Journalism topics only' started by The Best of SJ.com, Dec 19, 2008.

  1. The Best of SJ.com

    The Best of SJ.com New Member

    (Duplicate post from the AG board)

    As the year closes -- and because we must continue to find new and interesting ways to take our cyber nerdiness to greater heights -- I thought it might be fun to compliment the annual Moddy Awards with a literary recognition of some of the brilliant malodorous swill that is churned out here each year.

    Thus, may this post give birth to the first annual? Best (North) American SportsJournalists.com Writing anthology.

    Frustrated by your repeated failed attempts to make it into the Best American Sports Writing anthology, published each year by Houghton Mifflin? Well, this is your chance to be the literary envy of your (cyber) peers. Instead of recognizing your overall body of work, we at BNASJW seek to recognize your rare flashes of brilliance, those perfect posts buried in threads almost long gone, the ones where you succeeded in backhanding a troll, inspiring a young journalist to keep up the fight, or made the crowd belly ache with laugher by writing parodies of Chris Berman's monologues.

    Anyone who posts on SportsJournalists.com is eligible.

    As with BASW, we cannot possibly read everything posted during the course of a year, so we seek guidance from you and ask you to please submit your favorites, including your own work, for recognition. The entries will be trimmed down and then turned over to a guest editor, who will then make the final selections.

    The submission process can be completely anonymous if you like. Just send a PM to this handle. Or, if you like, post a link on this thread. There are no categories, but entries must recognize the work of a single poster on a single thread. If you wish to improve the chances of having your post considered, please provide a link to the appropriate thread. Submissions like "There were some good ones in that Sexual Harassment thread, but you'd have to look it up..." will most likely be discarded. Again, please do not hesitate to submit your own entries if you wish to be considered. No one will know who submitted it but you and me.

    Again, this is not a vote for Member of the Year, Post of the Year, Thread of a Year, all-rookie team, etc. Those will be covered, as usual, but the Moddy Awards.

    Thank you, and best of luck. Our army of literary giants has already begun compiling possible candidates. The winners will be announced at some point in January.
  2. 21

    21 Well-Known Member

    Funny...last year BYH and I started to collect for a Best of SJ, I think we still have a gmail account where we collected the stuff.

    Leave it to a couple of procrastinators to ruin a perfectly good idea. Better luck with this project!
  3. ServeItUp

    ServeItUp Active Member

    Copy editors just kicked puppies, and they know why.
  4. The Best of SJ.com

    The Best of SJ.com New Member

    That was actually an intentional joke, thus the questions mark, but it got messed up with the copy/paste function from the AG board. Apologies to puppies everywhere.
  5. forever_town

    forever_town Well-Known Member

    Outing alert: The Best of SportsJournalists.com is deeper_background.
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