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That's a start, APSE

Discussion in 'Journalism topics only' started by Frank_Ridgeway, Aug 8, 2008.

  1. Frank_Ridgeway

    Frank_Ridgeway Well-Known Member

    APSE announces it is waiving the $50 fee for jobs-wanted ads:


    Meanwhile, Poynter announces more ambitious plans to help displaced journalists:

  2. Riddick

    Riddick Active Member

    I like the move by APSE. Shows they're trying.
  3. Mizzougrad96

    Mizzougrad96 Active Member

    I don't think that's the reason there hasn't been any job postings... :(
  4. imjustagirl

    imjustagirl Active Member

    This is excellent news. Good on APSE and Poynter.
  5. Angola!

    Angola! Guest

    It's for job wanted ads. Newspapers that want to post ads still have to pay.
  6. Gold

    Gold Active Member

    I questioned whether the APSE site was relevant. This shows an effort to make it relevant.
  7. The Granny

    The Granny Guest

    It's about freaking time.
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