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Texas/Ohio/Merciful End Of It Thread

Discussion in 'Sports and News' started by Fenian_Bastard, Feb 26, 2008.

  1. Might as well start it a week out.
    Is it me, or does Obama's Texas trend line look like a freaking Saturn 5 at this point?
  2. zeke12

    zeke12 Guest


    Finally, empirical data showing what I suspected all along.

    The more people pay attention, the more likely they are to vote for Obama.

    What particularly interests me about that is that Hillary Clinton did not perform poorly at that debate. But the people who watched most or all of it went for Obama by 20 points.
  3. Hard to know why.
    He wasn't very good.
  4. finishthehat

    finishthehat Active Member

    FWIW, I just tried to early-vote here in Texas. Two pm on a Tuesday, and the wait was going to be at least 90 minutes if I stayed. Line doubling on itself and stretching out the door.

    I'll try again tonight, not so close to downtown, but this may be the first time in a while I actually end up voting on Election Day.
  5. zeke12

    zeke12 Guest

    Zeke porn!
  6. suburbia

    suburbia Active Member

    I think Dems were jumping on the Obama bandwagon so quickly at that point that nothing short of a major scandal was going to be able to stop the surge. Hillary's "win" at that debate certainly wasn't lopsided enough to do the trick.

    That being said, it's back to square one once the nomination is locked up. Obama will have a lot of work to do, especially since I can't see the Clinton's giving him much in the way of support.
  7. dixiehack

    dixiehack Well-Known Member

    Half of one anyway.
  8. writing irish

    writing irish Active Member

    I mentioned this on another thread, but as a reporter covering this, I am astounded by the Epic Fail demonstrated by the Clinton campaign's media relations people over the past two weeks. I've had more cooperation from people who didn't want media anywhere near what they were doing.
  9. Pastor

    Pastor Active Member

    They were all there for Nader...
  10. zeke12

    zeke12 Guest

  11. 21

    21 Well-Known Member

    No idea where to put this item, so here it lands:

    Anyone catch Crazy Bill Cunningham's psychotic (I know, redundant) rant/introduction of McCain today, during which he called Obama everything short of a Muslim-lovin-Negro? (Maybe he said that too, I might have missed it.) Great show, as McCain supporters stood slack-jawed behind Cunningham on the stage, their McCain signs sagging slowly with every hateful epithet.

    McCain then had to apologize for his own supporter, whereupon Cunningham took to his radio show to slam McCain.

    If anyone has a clip (CNN had it earlier), it's Must-See-TV.
  12. zeke12

    zeke12 Guest

    I saw it, and couldn't believe it.

    And, so long as it doesn't happen again, I will applaud Senator McCain for distancing himself from this bozo.
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