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Team media day question.

Discussion in 'Journalism topics only' started by Huggs4Thuggs, Jul 23, 2007.

  1. Huggs4Thuggs

    Huggs4Thuggs New Member

    I’ve been covering preps since I graduated from college, and just took a job covering a major university. I have put in my two weeks with my current employer, but won’t done working here until Aug. 3.

    My new employer shot me an e-mail today asking me if I could make it to the major university’s media day and fan appreciation night on Aug. 4. Problem is, that’s all it said. Since I won’t have much time to ask him, I figured I would ask the SportsJournalists.com community for advice on how to cover such an event.

    I’ve never been to a media day, and wondered what kind of story he expects from this event.
    A wrap up of all the media day activities? Coaches’ and players’ takes on the season outlook? A combination of both?

    Also, how are these things usually set up?
    Is it odd that I’m nervous about this?
  2. TX Writer

    TX Writer Member

    Media day, especially being a newbie, is a perfect chance to network. Get your name and face out there, chat with players and coaches. It's ideal to develop relationships then, since everybody's at ease and calm since the season hasn't started yet.

    As far as questions, research how they did the previous year, note changes, and follow-up on those. Ask what changes might be made, player rotation, how this year might be different, what camp plans to hold and what they want to accomplish. It's basically a day of Optimisim 101. But the idea of the day is to get the thoughts of players and coaches over the upcoming season, and their thoughts on offseason transactions.
  3. Ace

    Ace Well-Known Member

    Usually, you do some kind of feature story. Could be on the star player being mobbed by fans. Could be some kind of funny anecdote one of the guys has (assuming you have access to lots of players).

    Could be a newsy story if there is news. (Player missing, etc.)

    Really a one-team media day is something generally done on the fly, methinks.

    I would look to get a notebook out of it -- lots of interesting quotes, tidbits -- and hope one sparks you to write it as a longer story.
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