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St. Augustine, FL, sports reporter

Discussion in 'Journalism Jobs' started by big green wahoo, Mar 19, 2008.

  1. From JJobs. Perhaps I'm being harsh, but these guys sound a little full of themselves.

    Position: Extraordinary sports writers only
    Location: St Augustine, Florida
    Job Status: Full-time
    Salary: Negotiable
    Ad Expires: April 22, 2008
    Job ID: 896131
    Website: http://www.staugustine.com

    If being great at many things is what you¹re looking for, here¹s your chance. Opportunities in our sports department don¹t come along too often, so The St. Augustine Record is looking for an extraordinary talent to come join our staff. We¹re looking for that perfect someone for our three-person sports staff, someone who's more than good at everything - designing pages, covering events on deadline, breaking news and writing feature stories. We do it all in our department, from covering some of the best high school football in the state, to designing pages and covering Florida Gators football. Our area is growing, as is our circulation, and our local sports coverage is a major reason why. Since this position involves pagination and desk duties, in addition to writing, the ideal candidate should be proficient in Adobe programs Indesign and Photoshop and work well under the stress of nightly deadlines. Experience at a daily newspaper is preferred, but not required. As for writing, we¹re looking for someone who can take our readers beyond just stats and scores. We get to cover some great events - The Players Championship, Jacksonville Jaguars, Florida Gators football - but our main focus is on local sports. We are in one of the best areas in the state for prep football; it's home to the high school where Heisman Trophy winner Tim Tebow played. The ideal candidate should have experience in Adobe Indesign and Photoshop and be able to work well with fellow staffers. If you¹re looking to be just good, this job isn¹t for you. If you¹d like to be great, we¹d love to hear from you. Contact sports editor Justin Barney at justin.barney@staugustine.com.
  2. I think editors sometimes get a little carried away on the job ads.

    I know it really doesn't matter in this job climate, but I think most people appreciate a straightforward, professional ad without the bluster.

    There are a handful of papers about which I've formed a negative opinion simply because of the obnoxiousness of their job-ads.

    Disclaimer: This one wasn't too bad, and I'm sure Justin is a nice guy, etc., etc.
  3. sgaleadfoot

    sgaleadfoot Member

    There are a lot, and I mean alot, of places worse to live than St. Augustine.
  4. 2muchcoffeeman

    2muchcoffeeman Active Member

    They've been using the same boilerplate text for as long as I can remember, but they're right — they don't have openings often.

    St. Augustine is a great town.

    Paper is Morris (Florida Times-Union, Lubbock, Savannah, Augusta), so things are done on the cheap.
  5. 2underpar

    2underpar Active Member

    cost of living in St. Augustine can't be cheap, either.
  6. floridasun

    floridasun Member

    It's a good place to live. You can find affordable. You may not live on the beach, but then again, you're not too far from the beach just about anywhere you live there. Had a friend live in the old part of town, rented a side of a house for less than $500 month (that was about 5 years ago). The section is not bad for as small as it is. The job description is right, you'll have the opportunity to cover and write about some good stuff. High school sports is very good with Nease, St. Augustine and Bartram Trail as the primary ones.

    It is Morris, but they moved into a new facility less around 7-8 years ago, I think. Never been inside, but it looks very nice from the outside (see Athens paper). Also, you will find your byline in the Times-Union on occasion. It's been a good stepping stone for some in the past. Garry Smits is the T-U golf writer and was the SE in St. Augustine long ago. Bob Thomas covers FSU for the T-U and was the SE at St. Augustine not as long ago as Garry was. I believe Bryan Mullen (now at The Tennessean?) was there, went to the T-U before to Nashville. The opening was created when Hays Carlyon moved to the T-U. Not many times are you going to shoot from a 20,000 circ paper to one the size of the T-U.

    Anyway, that's my 5 cents worth.
  7. HackyMcHack

    HackyMcHack Member

    Had a few dealings with the St. Augustine paper during my time in Florida a few years back ... that crew always seemed as if they were enjoying what they were doing. Their new building is one of the sweetest newspaper buildings I've ever seen for that size of newspaper. Definitely a lot of opportunities to do interesting things there.
  8. sportsnut

    sportsnut Member

    I would say they are just proud of the newspaper, that they represent and thats it. They don't want a college grad, but someone with a little more experience.

    I say good for them and looking at that ad, it looks like whoever takes this job will have a lot of sports to get down and dirty with. Florida Football, Jaguars etc.
  9. Grimace

    Grimace Guest

    That area is exploding population-wise, so, I'm guessing, the circulation numbers and relevency are increasing also. They've added, what, 2-3 new high schools in the last 5-6 years?

    Dowtown, old St. Augustine is pretty cool, too. And there's Flagler College for some good-looking artsy chicks.

    That's all I got. No nothing about the staff and only seen the paper a few times.
  10. sportsnut

    sportsnut Member

    They got artsy chicks? I am so sold, when do I leave?
  11. daemon

    daemon Active Member

    Must be some damn good local sports coverage if the area is growing because of it.
  12. If somebody could change my mind about paying $500 to live in an apartment that is on the side of someone's house I might be more convinced this is a good job. But if the pay is cheap then I have a hard time with it. Do you really want to live in some run down dump apartment throwing your money away in rent, especially $500, just for a job?

    Does anyone know of better housing deals than what is suggested in this thread? If that's the best that can be done, then that's not very good.

    Paper sounds ok but I've never seen it. Opportunities sound promising too but I'm sure they are limited. Clearly the focus is on the preps.
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