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Sports Writer -- The Murray Ledger & Times (Murray, Ky.)

Discussion in 'Journalism Jobs' started by Edward Marlowe, Jun 3, 2015.

  1. Edward Marlowe

    Edward Marlowe New Member

    Job Title: Sports Reporter
    Company: The Murray Ledger & Times
    Category: Print Journalist
    Contact Person: Edward Marlowe
    Contacts Title: Lead Sports Writer
    Email: emarlowe@murrayledger.com
    Address: 1001 Whitnell Avenue
    City/State/Zip: Murray, KY 42071
    Phone: (270) 753-1916 ext. 25
    Fax: (270) 753-1926
    Website: www.murrayledger.com

    The Murray Ledger & Times is looking for a self-enterprising, full-time sports reporter capable of covering Murray State University Racer Athletics.

    A source of local news and sports in Calloway County for more than 100 years, the Ledger circulates 8,000 newspapers and produces a website that regularly registers 80,000 hits a month.

    Applicants should be personally engaging, confident in their writing abilities, be strong time managers and quick, creative thinkers.

    Nights, weekends and travel are all part of the job. Applicants should also have a strong eye for design. A knowledge of programs such as Microsoft Office, Quark XPress, Adobe Photoshop and inDesign is a must. Experience with a DSLR camera – and associated hardware – is also strongly advised. The Ledger is seeking applicants with a bachelor's degree in journalism and an understanding of Associated Press style.

    Sports reporters at the Ledger are passionate about high school and collegiate athletics, and illustrate this in their work. Over the last year, the daily newspaper has published a weekly fall football section, three special sports supplements and a host of special pages – in addition to the daily news grind.

    Applicants will need to be able to preview a host of contests and edit media advisories received from the university on a daily basis. Our readers expect strong, local coverage year-round.

    Anyone interested should please submit a resume to emarlowe@murrayledger.com. Clippings of your work, which can include designs and/or photos, should be formatted appropriately. PDFs and web links are acceptable.

    Pay is hourly and based on experience. The Murray Ledger & Times is an equal opportunity employer. Questions or comments can be directed to 270-753-1916 ext. 25.

    A few extra notes:
    ***This is a good job for a young go-getter looking to sink their teeth into Division I coverage. Murray State is a very active and successful university in several Division I and Division II athletics -- particularly men's basketball, football, women's soccer, women's golf, men's golf and softball.
    ***Calloway County (west Kentucky) has a population of around 30,000 and a low cost of living (16 percent less than the US median).
    ***While we are in the middle of upgrading computers and purchasing a new camera, having your own equipment makes things more efficient. I personally have my own laptop and camera to make the job much smoother.
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  2. Riptide

    Riptide Well-Known Member

    Perhaps it's just me, but I draw the line at supplying the big-ticket items.
  3. LesJ9488

    LesJ9488 Member

    I doubt that many applicants for this gig will have a suitable professional camera, but who is in this business that DON'T have a laptop they can use?
  4. Edward Marlowe

    Edward Marlowe New Member

    Ah, was just trying to be helpful. :) You never know who does -- or doesn't -- have a laptop. My camera is far from professional grade, but I do have an 85mm-fixed 1.8 f-stop so that I can capture arena and night-time action shots. It helps a lot.
  5. LesJ9488

    LesJ9488 Member

    Isn't the open position currently your spot, Edward? Moving on, moving up or am I just off base completely?
  6. Riptide

    Riptide Well-Known Member

    Not really the poimt. What happens when it breaks or needs replaced?
  7. LesJ9488

    LesJ9488 Member

    Probably the same thing that would happen right now if your laptop broke or needed replaced - you'd go buy another one.
  8. Riptide

    Riptide Well-Known Member

    Nope. I would turn it back in at the office, and the company would replace it. See how that works?

    The larger point is: Not a lot of money here. But a good opportunity for someone who can come in and work hard, fast and cheap on a college beat. It's a decent tradeoff.
  9. Edward Marlowe

    Edward Marlowe New Member

    No, the position is for our full-time collegiate reporter, who in turn would help me with some high school coverage when I have multiple games on multiple days. I am the full-time high school beat writer here in Murray and have worked hard to create a home base. We would be a sports tandem -- helping each other to cover as much as possible, but with other (future) employee covering primarily Murray State.
  10. TGO157

    TGO157 Active Member

    You somewhat answered this in your previous post, but wanted to make sure. Is it a two-person staff? Which leads to the next one: How much design is involved with this position?
  11. Edward Marlowe

    Edward Marlowe New Member

    Yes, it is a two-person staff. And our staff designs every day, plus our special sections.

    I'm actually designing tonight's pages right now, as I type this. Time for lunch!
  12. Edward Marlowe

    Edward Marlowe New Member

    Really appreciate the interest we have received so far. I will be on a very brief vacation this weekend and will get back with everyone by early next week. Thanks, and keep the resumes coming.
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