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sports writer, Philadelphia, Pa.

Discussion in 'Freelance/stringer help wanted' started by Drip, Aug 12, 2010.

  1. Drip

    Drip Active Member

    Seeking High School Sports and Small College Sports writers along with other sports freelance writers to write for Examiner.com.

    We seek athletes, coaches, sports writers or others who have in-depth local sports experience to write for Examiner. com. Examiners are passionate insiders with strong writing skills who desire to share their knowledge and passion with others. They have their own page on our website complete with a photo and a bio which may also include links to their personal site/ blog. Examiners often receive credentials to cover sporting events, opportunities to interview athletes and coaches, invitations to appear on other media outlets and more.

    * Your articles appear on your own page on Examiner.com, a site with more than 17 million unique monthly visitors (over 20M in May!)
    * As an independent contractor, you decide where and when to write
    * Free training and support on online publishing, social media and search engine marketing
    * Creative freedom to cover your topic area
    * Retain rights to your content
    * No fees or start-up costs, in fact, we pay you.


    Sports category Examiners write articles from a spectator angle. This may include: providing scores, sports schedules, player stats, etc. Below are topics we are actively looking to fill. Other titles also available.

    High School Sports Examiners report on various local high schools throughout their area, or they can write about a single league/district/conference or even a single school. Articles may include game previews, recaps and analysis, profiles of players, coaches, parents and fans, historical pieces, and reports on issues affecting competition.

    East Texas High School Sports Examiner Reid Kerr

    Orange County High School Sports Examiner Patricia La Bella

    Flint High School Sports Examiner Michael John Selecky

    College Sports Examiners would be expected to write on sports topics related to their school of choice. All sports are fair game, from football and basketball to softball and lacrosse. As a College Sports Examiner, you would be expected to bring your unique insight and analysis to each piece you write covering the team.

    David Ramey – Murray State Racers

    Stephen Francis – TCU Horned Frogs

    Brian Johnson - Oklahoma City College Soccer



    Job Requirements

    * Credible, passionate and knowledgeable subject matter insider or expert
    * Able to tell engaging stories using solid writing skills (spelling, grammar, etc.)
    * Access to timely, accurate information within the topic and able to provide a local angle
    * Ability to keep their Examiner page current, which usually means publishing 2 - 4 brief (200-400 words) articles per week or more
    * Desire to build their readership, understand their audience, and be the expert
    * Interest in online/SEO writing
    * Technically savvy; able to learn and utilize web/publishing tools and internet applications


    Most people become Examiners because of the exposure they receive from being on a Top 100 website and the additional opportunities that result from it. Examiners are independent contractors and receive competitive internet industry pay based on posting frequency and internet variables including page views, subscriptions, session length, and advertiser interest. This is not something that will fully support you. Your rewards come from your exposure and your ability to expand your audience. So, your income grows as your readership grows and your efforts as an Examiner can definitely pay off. Not to mention that there are some additional perks.
  2. spud

    spud Member

    Well golly gee shucks!
  3. BujuBanton

    BujuBanton Member

    this is a freelance gig - if you even wanna call it that. I think it's 10 cents for every 100 page views. Better off trying to break in with Gawker or blogspot, at least you could get more of the ad revenue.
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