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Sports Writer, Parkersburg, WV

Discussion in 'Journalism Jobs' started by Diego Marquez, Feb 15, 2007.

  1. Diego Marquez

    Diego Marquez Member

    Hot off the JJobs press:

    Company: Parkersburg News and Sentinel
    Position: Local Sports Writer
    Location: Parkersburg, West Virginia
    Job Status: Full-time
    Salary: Negotiable
    Ad Expires: March 22, 2007
    Job ID: 738875

    Local sports writer sought for the award-winning, seven-day, 38,000 circulation Parkersburg News and Sentinel to fill a vacancy created by a company promotion. The successful candidate will have strong grammar and writing skills, along with a love of youth, high school and college sports. A bachelor's degree in journalism or a related field is required. The newspaper offers the opportunity to learn and advance, along with paid vacation, sick leave, medical benefits, a 401(k) plan, etc. Send resume and writing samples to James C. Smith, executive editor, Parkersburg News and Sentinel, 401 Juliana St., Parkersburg, W.Va. 26101 or e-mail jsmith@newsandsentinel.com.
  2. Mystery_Meat

    Mystery_Meat Guest


  3. sportschick

    sportschick Active Member

    Ahhhh, Parkersburg. The big metropolis to a girl from super-rural Southeast Ohio (otherwise known as Northern W.Va.). Many fond memories.

    That's about all I've got. I don't remember a damned thing about the paper.

    Oh, and Napoli's pizza (if it still exists) had the best subs . . . yummie!
  4. This could out me, but so be it ...

    After I graduated from college, I tried out for the independent pro baseball team in Parkersburg. I was cut, saw the people they decided to keep, decided to stay in town because I knew there would be a good chance they'd change their mind, and caught on as a news reporter at the paper in town (at that time there were two, and I'll be honest, I can't remember if it was the morning or the afternoon).

    Three weeks later, the baseball team came calling and I went and enjoyed my final two months in the sun. When it was over, the paper came back and offered me a full-time sports writing position at a whopping $7 an hour. For a boy from the West Coast, that wasn't going to cut it.

    Now, to be fair, this was almost a decade ago, so I'd assume pay has increased somewhat. The staff at that time skewed to the "experienced" side, so I don't know how many people would be left. The technology was bad, but again, in 10 years time it's likely to have improved. The sports staff did cover WVU, and Parkersburg High had a very good high school sports program, or at least I was told, given I was there in the summer and din't have any first-hand knowledge.

    As for Parkersburg, if anyone has any questions, I'd be glad to offer what I know at your request.
  5. Taylee

    Taylee Member

    Friend turned down a job there a while back because of low pay and high cost of insurance.
    Depends on who moved up, but I wouldn't go thinking you'll hop into the WVU beats.
    Grew up north of Parkersburg on the blue and gold side. If you'll cover preps, they aren't bad with P High and South. P Catholic is a throw-in for coverage.
    Williamstown, just up the road, has a great Italian restaurant, though.
    Often see the paper. Still amazed they have a circ. of 38,000.
  6. Orange Hat Bobcat

    Orange Hat Bobcat Active Member

    Worked as a stringer for the News & Sentinel during my junior and senior years at Ohio University. Covered Ohio football and men's basketball, worked my way from gamers and advances, to notebooks and features ... to outta town. And I never stepped foot in the newsroom.

    But I loved working for the paper, if only because Dave Poe gave me a shot and let me write a bit. Didn't get a whole lot of guidance, but I got my first real professional experience outside of internships and the student paper. Wouldn't have traded those two years for anything.

    PM me if you want a bit of information. Can't promise I've got a lot, but I'll tell you what I know.
  7. Pops

    Pops Member

    I think this is how the average Joe figures most guys get into sports writing. Great story.
  8. wickedwritah

    wickedwritah Guest

    Far worse companies out there to work for, trust me.
  9. sportschick

    sportschick Active Member

    Shall we start? Hagadone, CNHI, JRC . . .
  10. sports scrub

    sports scrub Member

    small Gannett paper
  11. wickedwritah

    wickedwritah Guest

    Look, I have worked for so-called "better" companies that haven't supported the editorial operation anywhere near the way Ogden does. Ogden papers at least stock their supply cabinets, don't eff around with payroll and budgets and will sign off on overtime when it is needed, and they'll treat their people decently with time off and vacation policies. Again, there are far worse work environments than at Ogden rags.
  12. Hank_Scorpio

    Hank_Scorpio Active Member

    Don't forget Paxton.
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