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Sports writer, Clayton, Ga.

Discussion in 'Journalism Jobs' started by Drip, Feb 2, 2009.

  1. Drip

    Drip Active Member

    From Journalismjobs.com

    The Clayton Tribune, an 8,000-circulation weekly newspaper in the northeast Georgia mountains of Rabun County, needs a versatile general assignment reporter with a passion for learning the business. Beats will include outdoors, recreation and sports. We demand excellence, but we specialize in training young journalists. We offer a competitive entry-level salary, paid vacation, 401(k), health insurance and travel allowance. Send a resume with three of your best clips and three business references to Steve Meadows, Publisher, The Clayton Tribune, P.O. Box 425, Clayton, GA 30525; fax, 706-782-4230; e-mail: smeadows@theclaytontribune.com
  2. Big Circus

    Big Circus Well-Known Member

    Deliverance country!
  3. deskslave

    deskslave Active Member

    Not that it would necessarily affect one's pursuit of the job, but if there's a sport Rabun County High is good at, I don't know what it is. Football team last year allowed Towns County to break a 36-game losing streak.

    FWIW, Google Maps says it's two hours from Atlanta, but I'm not sure I believe that. It's closer to Greenville and Asheville than it is Atlanta.

    ETA: Huh. What do you know. A quick look at their Web site tells me the girls basketball team is 17-2. Also, the publisher appears to be covering the sports beat, and he actually appears to know at least something about sportswriting. It's nothing earth-shattering, but not bad for a weekly.
  4. NCWCsports

    NCWCsports New Member

    Perfect...sounds like my old high school. 6-35 in my four years on Varsity. This is the perfect gig for me.
  5. Yeah, looks like it'd be 2 1/2 hours to Atlanta. Charlotte is only about 70 miles further than Atlanta from Clayton.
  6. Finnbar

    Finnbar New Member

    Anyone heard anything about what they've done with this one?
  7. VB3man

    VB3man New Member

    yeah i havent heard anything. anyone else got any info here?
  8. shortstop

    shortstop New Member

    Yes, Deliverance was filmed on the Chattooga River, which flows through Rabun County. I've been to Clayton (I stopped there to buy food at the Winn-Dixie on the way to hike the Appalachian Trail years ago), and you're definitely in a remote area. But quite scenic. And for the record, no locals walked up to me while I was there and told me, "you've got a purty mouth." Probably 2.5 hours from Atlanta.
    I worked for the Clayton publisher, Steve Meadows, several years ago (at a daily, not in Clayton). He expects a quality product, but he's a good guy to work for. He's one of the few publishers I've known that comes from the editorial side instead of finance or advertising. He has a solid knowledge of sports, too, and a young journalist would probably learn a lot working for him. In that area of Georgia, you'll probably do a lot of coverage of fishing, camping, kayaking and hunting, in addition to high school sports.
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