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Sports Writer- Bedford, IN

Discussion in 'Journalism Jobs' started by Zads07, Apr 18, 2014.

  1. Zads07

    Zads07 Member

    From jjobs.com

    Company: Schurz Communications
    Sports Writer
    Bedford , Indiana
    Job Status: Part-time
    Salary: Not Specified
    Ad Expires:
    May 23, 2014
    Job ID: 1581524


    The Times-Mail in Bedford
    Experience: • Beat writing experience, reporting • Working under extreme deadlines • 5-7 years

    Essential Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities: • Essential writing, reporting and editing journalism skills • Working knowledge of relevant college sports

    Education: • Bachelor’s Degree

    Working Conditions: • Frequent standing, walking, sitting, talking, listening, repetitive motion

    To Apply: go to www.schurz.jobs and select requisition HTI1871
  2. dirtybird

    dirtybird Well-Known Member

    They want five to seven years experience with beat work for a part time job at a 13,000-circ paper? And their IU coverage comes from Bloomington. Very ballsy.
  3. bmereness

    bmereness Member

    and part time?
  4. FusilliJerry

    FusilliJerry Member

    Does not mean that they will get it. Why not aim high?
  5. Zads07

    Zads07 Member

    Seems like a complete downgrade if you have that experience but are going only part-time. That makes absolutely no sense at all. This would be great for a newbie with no experience, if that's what it required, but clearly it doesn't.
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