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Sports writer – Gallup, N.M.

Discussion in 'Journalism Jobs' started by Stitch, Aug 9, 2008.

  1. Stitch

    Stitch Active Member

    From JJobs

    Company: The Gallup Herald
    Seeking self-starter
    Gallup, New Mexico
    Job Status: Full-time
    Salary: Negotiable
    Ad Expires:
    September 13, 2008
    Job ID: 962200
    Website: http://thegallupherald.com

    Ambitious sports reporter needed for growing northwest New Mexico newspaper. Cover high school and recreation sports. We are looking for sport stories beyond the box score. Great opportunity to work with professional basketball team owned by newspaper. Contact Joe Kolb ASAP at ghsat@hotmail.com

    Not a good idea to cover a team that the boss owns. Especially in a league where anyone can form a team if they have a little cash on hand.

    As for Gallup, it's near the Navajo rez and known for Indians drinking hairspray to get drunk. At least that's the way it was 10 years ago.
  2. thebigd

    thebigd Member

    Can't be much worse than Las Cruces
  3. outdoors

    outdoors Member

    It's comparable to Las Cruces. Places for rent are pretty high in this area, which makes it an even harder area to live in. You have to like heat, drunks and not much to do.
  4. Overrated

    Overrated Guest

    So it's like Real World: Sportsjournalists.com?
  5. pressboxer

    pressboxer Active Member

    Sounds like Yuma, but without the charm.

    And at least Las Cruces has something claiming to be a major university.
  6. Angola!

    Angola! Guest

    Complete with a really cool football stadium.
  7. thebigd

    thebigd Member

    Angola, you really think the stadium is cool? My friend are you smoking something? LOL
  8. Angola!

    Angola! Guest

    For a mid-major it is pretty nice.

    I enjoyed the game I saw there.

    Plus, it's a better environment than a lot of the other WAC stadiums I've been to, including Boise State.
  9. Birdscribe

    Birdscribe Active Member

    Wow. Openings in Roswell, Gallup and Hobbs. To paraphrase Lewis Black, you have the trifecta from hell.

    The only one missing is Clovis and you'd have the New Mexico Grand Slam of Oblivion.
  10. Tom Petty

    Tom Petty Guest

    yuma has charm?
  11. writing irish

    writing irish Active Member

    Re: Sports writer – Gallup, N.M.

    Climate's very different from Yuma and Las Cruces. Gallup can be a cold muh-fuh in the winter.
  12. nmmetsfan

    nmmetsfan Active Member

    Gallup is nothing like Cruces. Neither are great, but at least you can drive around Cruces without having to dodge the drunks laying in the streets. Besides, Juarez is just a short jaunt — wait, is that a selling point?

    And yes, Gallup gets cold, something to do with being further north and a much higher elevation. Cruces isn't Yuma-hot, but it is Phoenix-hot.

    An unrelated aside to the NMSU football stadium, the two largest crowds (and most of the top 10) are LC High-Mayfield battles.
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