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Sports Reporter to focus on the Redskins - Fredericksburg, Va.

Discussion in 'Journalism Jobs' started by Justin_Rice, May 19, 2011.

  1. Justin_Rice

    Justin_Rice Well-Known Member

    The Free Lance-Star is looking for a reporter who will focus on the 'Skins (but yes, this person will help with high schools during the offseason).

  2. Moderator1

    Moderator1 Moderator Staff Member

    Some a-hole took the last guy to hold this job.

    Good gig, good paper, good people. Go for it.
  3. Justin_Rice

    Justin_Rice Well-Known Member

    Yeah, I hate that guy.

    Rich Campbell did a very, very good job for us. The person we hire has big shoes to fill.
  4. My hat's tossed in. Any guess on what the salary range will be? My guess would be $33-$38K.
  5. Harry Doyle

    Harry Doyle Member

    Rich did a great job. A byproduct of being a great guy. I wish him all the best at the revamped Times.
  6. wicked

    wicked Well-Known Member

    If I were only in a different place, I'd be all over it.

    Justin, did you guys stop publishing on Mondays for a while? Or am I getting my papers mixed up?

    (Also: A helluva trip to Ashburn, if you're making that drive every day.)
  7. Justin_Rice

    Justin_Rice Well-Known Member

    Not us.

    We will encourage the person hired to live north of Fredericksburg.
  8. SEeditor

    SEeditor Member

    Some A-hole. That was hilarious. :)

    I always liked the Free-Lance Star when I worked back in the area in the 90s. Home sweet home. Sweet gig, even if I am a Cowboys fan. Now I have to wonder if I can convince the wife to move back east so I can apply for this.

    YGBFKM Guest

    Rich Campbell, that name sounds familiar.

    Anyway, I'm feeling very old as I type that I can remember working with Justin when he broke into the business. Also worked with him at another stop a few years later (and I should thank him for his role in making that happen). Even though he ignored my last pm, I feel confident in saying he's a good guy.

    All in all, sounds like a great gig, assuming there's an NFL season. :)
  10. CarlSpackler

    CarlSpackler Active Member

    Does the Free-Lance Star have Full-Time Employees?
  11. imjustagirl

    imjustagirl Active Member

    Never heard a bad word about Justin. And his poker tournament is the highlight of any soul's year.
  12. llcharlie

    llcharlie Member

    Looks like a good gig, but with 49,000 circ., couldn't pay more than $40k, still not bad in these times.
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