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Sports Reporter, Syracuse University Football

Discussion in 'Journalism Jobs' started by dtoolbox, Oct 29, 2012.

  1. dtoolbox

    dtoolbox New Member

    This position offers you the opportunity to become the authoritative voice covering the Syracuse University football program and engage with a passionate fan base that is eager for interaction. You will provide year-round coverage as primary reporter for Orange football, posting to multiple digital platforms several times a day, developing deeper stories and engaging audiences. This is a great time to take this coverage area, as the Orange prepare to transition to the Atlantic Coast Conference. We're adding this role as part of an exciting initiative that is redefining digital journalism in Central New York, and we've created a forward-thinking workspace with state-of-the-art tools for nimble digital and mobile journalism, to help you optimize your impact.

    Syracuse is the economic and educational hub of Central New York, with Syracuse University right here and Cornell, Colgate and other top schools nearby -- ideal if you're considering continuing your education. Here you'll enjoy the stimulating environment of a college town as well as other great amenities. In fact, Syracuse was ranked 4th on Forbes' 2010 list of Top Ten Places to Raise a Family, and 8th on CareerBliss.com's 2012 list of Happiest Cities for Work in the US. You'll enjoy the "best of both worlds:" the excitement and energy of a new initiative and the stability and resources of an established industry leader.

    To be a good fit for this opportunity you will have:

    ---Solid journalism experience, including a track record of success in sports reporting.
    ---Demonstrated familiarity with social media and digital tools of journalism.
    ---Proven experience building, maintaining and engaging an active audience in sports.
    ---Strong critical thinking skills and a focus on creating content for the audience rather than to promote particular teams, players or coaches.
    ---A proven ability to cultivate sources beyond the obvious ones.
    ---The ability to work independently and prioritize tasks appropriately under deadline pressure in mobile contexts.
    ---Strong reporting, writing and organizational skills.
    ---A solid understanding of news writing, journalistic ethics and story structure.
    ---Click the "Apply" button for further details...

    Syracuse Media Group is a digitally focused news and information company serving Central New York. Beginning February 1, 2013 Syracuse Media Group will publish and operate an extensive portfolio of digital and print products featuring comprehensive in-depth content from Central New York's largest news organization. Syracuse Media Group's flagship brands are syracuse.com, the leading website in the region and The Post-Standard newspaper which has served the community since 1829.

    Syracuse Media Group is an Equal Opportunity Employer and does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, gender, national origin, age, physical or mental impairment, sexual orientation or any other category protected under federal, state or local law.

    Syracuse Media Group endeavors to make syracuse.com accessible to any and all users. If you would like to contact us regarding the accessibility of our website or need assistance completing the application process, please contact thawkins@dtoolbox.com.


    We want you to be as selective as we are! For a detailed "Insider's View" of this position and to submit your resume, please visit the following URL:


    If the link does not work, simply copy the complete URL and paste it into your browser's address line.

  2. sportsnut

    sportsnut Member

    I like what they are they are doing with this position but do you think this may be to much for a single reporter???
  3. steveu

    steveu Well-Known Member

    There is also a backup football/basketball reporter on the site. I would presume the backup would help. From what I hear sports wasn't entirely gutted, there are some people left over.
  4. sportsnut

    sportsnut Member

    Thank god you get at least some help or your spending as much time as the students do on campus. I am not saying thats a bad thing and would love a gig like this if I had the experience.
  5. Dawgpound17

    Dawgpound17 Member

    Backups always do the video that the main reporter can't get (that's how you're able to get all of them) and they would likely do the notebook as well but you don't want the backup spot because you're not guaranteed and very expandable.
  6. sportsnut

    sportsnut Member

  7. whoiskarimgarcia

    whoiskarimgarcia New Member

    What's the most this pays, 40?
  8. sportsnut22

    sportsnut22 New Member

    I interviewed for this position and the lady told me she was going to send my stuff over to the editorial staff for review and I would hear back from her in a couple of days either way. Nothing. Now I obviously wasn't chosen but is it wrong of me to think they could take two seconds to send an e-mail or call to let me know so I'm not sitting around waiting with false hope? I didn't just send a resume, they actually interviewed me for the position. Maybe I expect too much but when you are out of work and get an interview it's a big deal. Then not to hear a word back is pretty disheartening. Maybe I'm wrong. Oh, and the pay isn't $40,000 for the person who asked. It's more in the neighborhood of $30,000.
  9. whoiskarimgarcia

    whoiskarimgarcia New Member

    Has it been much longer than a couple days? If not, I'd say give em a bit. Could always drop a note after a week, or whatever the prescribed time for things like that are. Thanks for the salary info.
  10. steveu

    steveu Well-Known Member

    Wow. I'd find that pay amount very hard to believe. I have no doubt it's close to the truth, but the thing I'd do is wait for confirmation from someone who actually works for them. You can always say no at the end of the process, too.
  11. Not to burst your bubble sportsnut, but the outside recruiters conduct dozens and dozens of screening interviews, so it's not akin to an interview with the person doing the hiring. I would get back in contact with her and see what's up.

    The 30k figure does seem awfully low, but who knows.
  12. whoiskarimgarcia

    whoiskarimgarcia New Member

    It's not the premier beat at the school. I'd bet you could get it up to 35, but I don't think 40K would be in reach. I worked at a paper in the region — not that one.
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