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Sports Reporter- Palm Coast, FL

Discussion in 'Journalism Jobs' started by Zads07, Mar 7, 2014.

  1. Zads07

    Zads07 Member

    From jjobs.com

    Company: Palm Coast Observer
    Sports reporter needed, with super clean copy
    Palm Coast, Florida
    Job Status: Full-time
    Salary: $25,000 to $30,000
    Ad Expires:
    April 11, 2014
    Job ID: 1569220


    Most reporters can summarize what happened in a high school baseball game, but can you find the human angle behind the score? We're looking for a reporter who can develop sources among five high schools and find stories that everyone — even people who aren't sports fans — will want to read. This is a weekly, community newspaper based in Palm Coast and Ormond Beach, Florida, and our focus is on storytelling and features, rather than scores. Think Sports Illustrated, not "SportsCenter."

    While this is primarily a sports writing job, other news assignments could include covering the City Council and other general news assignments.

    Photography skills are a big plus. Clean copy is a must, with AP Style expertise. Seeking a reporter who needs little supervision and is able to take ownership over the sports section. Must be willing to make that extra phone call and get that extra interview to make your story a success, just because you take pride in your work and want to serve your audience as well as possible. Must be a team player who tells good jokes.

    In your cover letter, demonstrate your ability to make the reader care from the first paragraph.

    Send cover letter, resume and clips to Brian McMillan at editor@palmcoastobserver.com. The job is open immediately, so please state how soon you could begin work in Palm Coast.
  2. aobrien7

    aobrien7 New Member

    This is the gig I'm leaving, so I can answer any questions anyone might have.
  3. JSkebba

    JSkebba New Member

    How often did you cover news or City Council? How's the city/area overall?
  4. StaggerLee

    StaggerLee Well-Known Member

    Did you have clean copy? And what was your best joke?
  5. aobrien7

    aobrien7 New Member

    I'd say it was about a 50-50 split, but I think the goal for the new hire is to cover more sports than news.

    It's a small town. Flagler County is about 95,000 people; Palm Coast is right around 75,000. But St. Augustine and Daytona Beach are about 30 minutes away. The beach is literally a 10-minute drive.
  6. skm007

    skm007 New Member

    Did you have to do any page design for the sports section?
  7. Schottey

    Schottey Member

    I live in Palm Coast and can say that the paper is quality work. It should be noted that it's advertiser-driven and is delivered free a few times a week. Yet, it's grown and I'm glad to see they're advertising the job with a pay commensurate with a lot of the similar jobs I've seen around here. I've had a long chat with the EIC, Brian McMillen, and he's a really good guy. Don't work for him, but having been in their offices, I don't think it would be a burdensome situation by any means.

    The town is...interesting. It's a newer town brought about by the late 90s/early 00s boom. Before that, it was just a blip on the map on the way to Flagler Beach or Daytona. So, there are growing pains and high unemployment, but the schools are decent for Florida. (Disclaimer, I sit on the board of the biggest private school in town, so may not be objective there.) Not a ton to do, but that's changing and you're only a few minutes from the ocean. Interesting dynamic between the old folks who came down when it was a sleepy little down and all of the young families that moved here later.

    Housing is *really* cheap. The boom times left a lot of vacant houses around that are being flipped and sold at pennies on the dollars like hotcakes. My wife and I just bought because we were afraid that one more year of recovery would price us out of the houses we were looking at.

    In addition to Daytona Beach and St. Augustine, Orlando and Jacksonville are both roughly an hour away. Disney is about 90minutes. Gainesville is a rural 90min drive.

    If anyone ends up with this job, feel free to contact me with any other questions.
  8. aobrien7

    aobrien7 New Member

    All of what he said is true. I'll note that it's delivered just once a week -- Thursdays. But, yes, the paper is growing. And it's in two markets.
  9. aobrien7

    aobrien7 New Member

    No. Writers edit and proof their stories on InDesign pages, but there are no layout responsibilities.
  10. Dustack

    Dustack New Member

    If you don't mind me asking, what job did you leave for? Was this a stepping stone to something bigger?
  11. aobrien7

    aobrien7 New Member

    I'm making the switch to TV. I had been at the paper for four years. It was my first job out of college.
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