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Sports Reporter - Louisiana

Discussion in 'Journalism Jobs' started by jetssack, May 21, 2009.

  1. jetssack

    jetssack Member


    Company: News Banner
    Position: Sports Reporter needed
    Location: Bogalusa, Louisiana
    Job Status: Full-time
    Salary: $20,000 to $25,000
    Ad Expires: June 25, 2009
    Job ID: 1055377
    Website: http://www.gobogalusa.com

    The Bogalusa Daily News is looking for a sports reporter. The best applicant will have a complete knowledge of all sports and sports terminology as well as full knowledge of AP style. Good spelling and grammar skills are a must. Previous journalism education/experience preferred but not required. Should know QuarkXpress and have photography experience. Ability to learn quickly, multitask, self start and maintain good community relations a must. Please include references and writing samples with resume. Resumes may be emailed sandy.cunningham@wickcommunications.com
  2. So they want an educated and talented journalist, with the ability to shoot quality photos and design pages for $20K a year? Roughly, that translates to $769 every two weeks. After taxes, that's about $630 every two weeks. And because this sounds exactly like one of those gigs where anything less than 50 hours a week simply won't cut it, that's approximately $6.30 an hour. $6.30. an hour.

    For a professional journalist?

    Let's break down the expected expenses:

    health insurance: $40 (month)
    cell phone: $60
    car/insurance: $100 (assuming person will drive an absolute shitter)
    apartment/utilities.: $500 (and live in a rat-infested hellhole with no AC)
    food: $50 (ramen noodles for breakfast, lunch and dinner ... every single day)
    entertainment: $10 (we'll give the guy/gal one movie night a month)
    internet: $40
    miscellaneous: $100 (person will have to drink ... heavily)

    That's about $900 in bills, at a very conservative projection, meaning the new hire can pocket about $300 a month.

    Sign me up!

    (I know, I know, it's great that this paper is actually hiring, but the pay is still a joke)
  3. Where are you living? Granted, rent is determined by where you live, but I've lived in a half-decent apartment in New Jersey for under $500 a month. At my current place, I pay $325 a month, after utilities. I'm probably stupid for saying this, but when you factor in that I don't drink at all and own my car, I can definitely handle $20K a year in the right area.
  4. Paper Guy

    Paper Guy Member

    Completely depends on the area. I pay $600/month and am in literally the cheapest apartment in about a 50 mile radius (it's hard to find something <1k here). I make $28k/year and get by (but it's not great).

    That breakdown also forgot one big thing many of us have: school loan payments.
  5. I figured $450/500 was way on the low end. I've never rented for less than $600, and those apartments weren't exactly penthouse suites. So between rent, utilities, etc., I think that guess is reasonable. But I agree that some areas offer substantially cheaper living.

    And yes, student loans are a huge setback, at least for me and I know for many others. After consolidating, I still pay $200 a month, and will do so for the next 20 years.
  6. Yeah, that is a pain. I was surprised at your guess because I've never rented for more than $450. This situation does make it tough. We need the FairTax.
  7. Hank_Scorpio

    Hank_Scorpio Active Member

    It's all about managing your budget on what you bring in too.

    Do you really need that cellphone with unlimited everything? Or can you get by on a $30/month limited minutes plan?

    Also, do you really need the Internet at home?

    Of course, it's nice to have all those things, but if you're on a budget like that, you do what you have to to get by.

    The fact that anyone is paying this bad is another thing all together.
  8. albert77

    albert77 Well-Known Member

    I would suspect that in Bogalusa you could rent a reasonably-decent place for around 350-400.

    One should be forewarned, however, this is not charming Cajun Louisiana, this is hard-core, backwoods Redneckistan.
  9. It said on a site median rent was $370, not sure how credible it was, though. I could cut back on some things, but I probably do need home Internet use. I don't need TV, I've lived without that. Not easy, but doable.
  10. BottomlessPit

    BottomlessPit Member

    MidwestSportsGuy, you are too funny.

    Now I love drive and ambition and passion as much as anyone else, but it does strike me as absurd how the most talented and qualified professionals in our business have to talk about living without TV and home Internet and everything.

    Sign of the times, I suppose.
  11. Exactly. It's definitely doable on $20K a year, but you have to cut so many corners to make it work. Going through 5.5 years of college, I never imagined I'd have to choose between having cable or the Internet. Getting into journalism, by no means did I think I'd be rich, but at least comfortable. That's just me. I do commend whoever takes this job because it shows just how passionate he/she is about journalism (right?). But having been out of the biz for six months and seeing my friends buying houses, driving nice vehicles and playing golf once a week, writing about sports has lost some luster. I'm in no rush to get back in if it means making $6.30 an hour.

    That's just me, and I know people have different viewpoints. I certainly respect them.

    Call me superficial or materialistic. Money can't buy happiness, but it can buy a house, a four-wheeler, a new set of clubs, etc.
  12. Hank_Scorpio

    Hank_Scorpio Active Member

    MSG, not only that, but you do get more quality time to do some of the things that you want to do.
    It can wear on you, seeing your friends get together in the evening and you have to go cover little Jimmy's baseball game all the time.

    I've been out a bit longer than you and I'm sure I wouldn't want to get back in for $6.30/hour.
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