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Sports Reporter - Beaumont, Texas

Discussion in 'Journalism Jobs' started by AMZ, Mar 9, 2015.

  1. AMZ

    AMZ New Member

    This is my old job. The position is for only sports, but they lumped the listing for sports and news reporters together: JournalismJobs.com - Job Listing - Sports and news reporters

    The Beaumont Enterprise seeks energetic and adventurous sports and news reporters who have a web-first approach and can still come back with a fresh perspective for the print edition.

    The Beaumont Enterprise, circulation 32,000, is the six-largest Hearst newspaper and third-largest in Texas.

    The ideal candidate will have good communication and organization skills. He/She puts the reader at the center of the equation, not just telling them what happened but how it happened and why they should care.

    We’ve groomed journalists for metro papers all over the country, including sister papers in Houston (90 miles west), San Antonio and San Francisco. This is the job you need to get the job you’ll want.

    High school football is the centerpiece of our sports operation. We frequently run sports stories and features on 1A, and our Friday and Saturday editions are loaded with special high school coverage. High school football games in Southeast Texas can draw close to 10,000 fans. This area also produces professional athletes – Earl Thomas of the Seattle Seahawks, Jay Bruce of the Cincinnati Reds and Kendrick Perkins of the Cleveland Cavaliers, among others.

    Lamar University is the main university in Beaumont. We staff most home and away games for football and basketball, but we don't always do things the traditional way.

    The Enterprise is a progressive, collaborative news operation focused on giving readers content that’s impactful and innovative. Our print product has been redesigned to showcase local stories with more context while our website (which averages more than 1.2 million page views a week) keeps readers up-to-date in real time.

    Beaumont is 90 miles from Houston and four hours from New Orleans.

    Send a short note, links to no more than four work samples, a resume and references to Guiseppe Barranco at GBarranco@Hearstnp.com, with the subject line (your name): SPORTS REPORTER or (your name): NEWS REPORTER.
  2. Jwswriter

    Jwswriter New Member

    Any idea of how quickly they're looking to fill this position? Also, I'm from out west. Are they considering non-regional applicants?
  3. AMZ

    AMZ New Member

    My last day is this Friday, not sure on management's timetable. For what it's worth, I was in Maryland before being hired so I think non-regional applicants should be fine.
  4. Jwswriter

    Jwswriter New Member

    Thanks for the info. Good luck (and congrats) on your next gig.
  5. Alexandria Valdez

    Alexandria Valdez New Member

    I tried sending an email to the above address twice and it bounced back. Not sure what I should do now..
  6. steveu

    steveu Well-Known Member

    Head to the website, find the sports editor link (or see if this one is correct at it) and send the resume there. Least that happens is you don't hear back from anyone. And AMZ, congrats on your new gig. I applied for that and never could get a response from them, but you had some good stuff! :)
  7. AMZ

    AMZ New Member

    Thank you! And it's a weird time, as the BE's new sports editor does not start until March 30. Guiseppe is the photo editor, so I found it odd applications were being funneled through him. If his email is not working, I would send applications to the managing editor at ashley.sanders@beaumontenterprise.com
    Also, I'm more than happy to answer any questions.
    MeanGreenATO likes this.
  8. Jwswriter

    Jwswriter New Member

    Per APSE's Twitter feed, a new SE was recently hired. Not sure if the reporter position was ever filled?
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