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Sports/Recreation Reporter- Green Valley/Sahuarita, AZ

Discussion in 'Journalism Jobs' started by Zads07, Aug 2, 2014.

  1. Zads07

    Zads07 Member

    From jjobs.com

    Company: Green Valley News/Sahuarita Sun
    Sports & Recreation editor/reporter
    Green Valley/Sahuarita, Arizona
    Job Status: Full-time
    Salary: Negotiable


    The Green Valley News and Sahuarita Sun in Southern Arizona are looking for a Sports & Recreation reporter/editor who can think in several directions:

    • High school and youth sports emphasis in Sahuarita, with a median age of 37, with lots of young children. We have two high schools, and while they get heavy coverage in the school year, this weekly section is much more. This is an active community deeply involved in their children's lives, and sports/recreation is a big part of it. Our coverage is more than a ball, a team and a score. We need a creative mind to go beyond the obvious in stories, presentation and using social media to engage readers. (Sahuaritasun.com)

    •Green Valley is not a traditional community so we don’t expect traditional sports & rec coverage. The twice-weekly section will have an emphasis on the Green Valley Recreation organization and its offerings, as well as leisure activities such as golf, hiking, dancing and anything that gets people out and moving. We do not cover college or pro sports unless there is a local connection (examples: Local reax to World Cup; local kid on college team). The section is feature-oriented but not soft. We cover trends in senior recreation, innovations in recreation equipment and philosophies, and we report on how recreation improves lives. We have an annual “senior games,” a winter softball league and literally hundreds of clubs, many with a recreation emphasis. (GVnews.com)

    • Sports isn't just for the Sports & Recreation section. We are looking for broad-interest enterprise for A1 that captures all readers, not just sports fans: Personality profiles, recreation trends, and bringing national and international news to a local level.

    Other duties: We need somebody who is organized, efficient and can work well with a small news team; you will work with freelance writers. You not only cover the community, you are part of it. Creativity in coverage is a must, including alternative story forms, use of graphics and photography, and working with production to produce great layouts that help tell the story. This person will be called on to cover regular news as needed; manage a freelance staff on a budget; take photos and video; leverage social media; manage sports online at our two web sites; forge and maintain relationships with coaches, community leaders and other sports/rec leaders; and other duties as assigned.

    Experience/education: Five years in a newsroom preferred, and at least a bachelor’s degree in journalism or comparable field; comfortable and experienced using social media; experience with a Mac-based system with Word/OpenOffice; strong copy editor with knowledge of AP style and grammar; clean, strong writer with broad sports knowledge. This is a 40-hour week with nights and weekends as needed.

    The Green Valley News & Sun offers
    • Competitive pay, 401K retirement plan, paid vacation and major medical plan.
    • Opportunities for reporting and collaboration across Southern Arizona with a dozen other Wick papers in the area.

    Apply electronically by Aug. 15, 2014. Send a cover letter, a resume and references, salary history and expectations to: Dan Shearer, editor, Green Valley News & Sahuarita Sun at: dshearer@gvnews.com.
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