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Sports Page Designer - Villages Daily Sun

Discussion in 'Journalism Jobs' started by Rookie23, May 2, 2007.

  1. Rookie23

    Rookie23 Member

    From Journalismjobs.com

    We’re seeking a sports page designer who has a passion for community and national sports, editing copy, writing headlines and laying out pages to join our award-winning layout team.

    This is an excellent opportunity for a candidate looking to begin a journalism career or a page designer looking to grow beyond their first year or two of experience.

    We’re one of the nation’s fastest growing newspapers and committed to producing quality journalism. You’ll work for an intelligent and inquisitive audience that has high expectations from their newspaper. They’ll expect you to create clean, reader-friendly pages and sharp, witty headlines that will both inform and entertain them daily with a quality journalism standard that has generated a total of 36 statewide awards in three separate contests in 2005 (see the “awards” link on our Web site.)

    In return, you get to work for a publication that is committed to making everything first-class and sets you up for advancement opportunities because we’re consistently increasing the size of our staff.

    We’re defying national trends of declining circulation numbers and downsizing of staff. The newspaper is rated as the country’s top seven-day newspaper, according to recent figures released by the Audit Bureau of Circulations. We offer competitive pay, excellent benefits and access to a highly regarded school system.

    All we need from you is a cover letter telling us why you’re the person to join our thriving paper, a resume demonstrating you’ve got the experience and education level to excel with us, as well as four tearsheets that clearly illustrate your sports page design skills and headline writing strengths.

    When applying by e-mail, send to bill.wimbiscus@thevillagesmedia.com. In the subject line, please write “Sports page designer position at The Villages Daily Sun.”

    When applying by mail, send to Bill Wimbiscus, The Villages Daily Sun, Attn: Sports page designer position, 1100 Main St., The Villages, FL 32159.

    Due to the typically high volume of applications we normally receive, we'll be unable to keep individual candidates constantly updated on our hiring process or conduct preliminary interviews at the applicant's request.
  2. I'm newbie and headed out into the "real world" this year. Does anyone know much about this paper? Thanks in advance.
  3. Stay far, far away.
  4. Lollygaggers

    Lollygaggers Member

    This position opens up about every five months or so. The paper's in a retirement community. Instead of cars, everyone just owns golf carts and drives them around town. . . . No joke.
  5. Fair enough. I wasn't necessarily jumping at this one (isn't the Villages for older people?) anyway.
  6. playthrough

    playthrough Moderator Staff Member

    The Villages is a remarkable retiree haven...you take golf carts everywhere, to the Publix, to the doctor's, everywhere. Many people only own a car for going to the airport to pick up the grandkids. The retirees need not go out of the Villages for entertainment either, the joint has its own movie theatre, bowling alleys, shopping and about a dozen golf courses. First time I saw the place I thought "I'll probably be living here in 50 years."

    They have their own media, a tv station (at least several years back when I worked for a competing paper) and this paper. Yeah, their penetration has to be pretty good in the neighborhood, with retirees who have always read papers and have plenty of free time. News-wise there's a fair bit to cover; politicians love visiting this area because it's filled with people who actually vote, and sports-wise the Villages isn't afraid to spend a few bucks to lure a bowling tournament or Nancy Lopez or Arnie to play some golf (both have designed courses there).

    BUT if someone gets robbed or there's something "negative" in the area, you won't read it in the Daily Sun. It's still primarily an arm of the development. I will stand humbly corrected if anything has changed since I lived nearby, but I'd argue the "quality journalism" part of the ad.
  7. Nothing has changed.
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