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Sports openings -- PA Media Group (Harrisburg Patriot-News)

Discussion in 'Journalism Jobs' started by Keystone, Oct 16, 2012.

  1. Keystone

    Keystone Member

    And here we go....

    Sports Trend Reporter:

    Sports Reporter -- Part Time

    There are also openings in other departments.
  2. jr/shotglass

    jr/shotglass Well-Known Member

    I'm willing to help with what I know if anyone's interested.

    What I know is less than one might think. :)
  3. Drip

    Drip Active Member

    Shot, with all of the changes happening, how "secure" are these openings? Also, there was an opening prior to the latest cut backs. What happened there?
  4. jr/shotglass

    jr/shotglass Well-Known Member

    We hired recent PSU graduate Audrey Snyder for a sportswriting position prior to the cutbacks. She's stationed out of State College, something new for us.

    "Security" ... shoot, I don't know, Drip. How "secure" is anything in this climate, not just in Harrisburg, but anywhere in print media today?

    I think there is, and is going to be, a great deal of confusion over the new definitions of positions in this company. They're nothing like established newspaper hierarchy, and they weren't going to be, because there is very little connection, personnel-wise, between the digital end of the operation and the print end.
  5. Drip

    Drip Active Member

    Thanks. I feel you on the security answer.
  6. dingo10886

    dingo10886 New Member


    Would either of these openings be available for recent graduates in the Journalism field if they have experience in writing and at a newspaper?

    Also, for the part-time gig. Could someone that would have to relocate for the position get by with the pay? Or would this be something so part-time that one could not support themselves on this position alone? Thanks.
  7. jr/shotglass

    jr/shotglass Well-Known Member

    dingo, I believe they'd definitely look at a recent grad if their clips are sufficient. As far as the part-time position goes, I really can't say what the pay scale would be. That would be in the hands of higher-ups.
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