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Sports Illustrated layoffs

Discussion in 'Journalism topics only' started by silvercharm, Oct 3, 2019.

  1. HanSenSE

    HanSenSE Well-Known Member

    Then, good gawd, what a waste of time and bandwidth. Maybe something old SI would do in the "Whatever happened to" issue, but six parts and a podcast? Unless they're looking at the whole development system (thanks again, Jurgen).
  2. PCLoadLetter

    PCLoadLetter Well-Known Member

    I don't know -- depends in part on how long the episodes are (and to be clear, it's a six-part podcast). Seems like a hell of a long time to devote but there's a lot there and his story is kind of fascinating. (And he's still playing -- he's 31 now, playing in the USL.) I'll probably give it a listen.

    He went from being the future of the sport as a teen to being in his prime and playing in the Finnish third division because he couldn't get on the field anywhere higher.
  3. Webster

    Webster Well-Known Member

    He had skill and was a very good passer. But someone that short has to be very fast and physically strong enough. He was neither. I remember going to his first game against the Metrostars. Seems like a million years ago and he’s only just 31

    I think there is a lot to say about the overhyping of an athlete and how we develop soccer talent in the US. Is it worthy of 6 parts? Not sure but if it is like Wahl’s earlier podcast I mentioned, the episodes were around 30 minutes.
  4. DanOregon

    DanOregon Well-Known Member

    Does SI have a podcast department? Seems like a growth opportunity if nothing else. Have someone read an article and then have the author on for 10 min. at the end to discuss the story etc.
    Also - we really shouldn't knock the length or subject matter of any podcast - there is a lot of weird stuff out there.
  5. Moderator1

    Moderator1 Moderator Staff Member

    There was one when I was there, don't know if it still exists
  6. playthrough

    playthrough Moderator Staff Member

    I wonder if we've seen the peak of podcasts. Millions of white-collar folks working from home has meant far less time in the car, where many podcasts are consumed, and I don't know if those lost hours are being made up at home. From a business perspective, I'd be wary of new ones as a significant revenue driver.
  7. DanOregon

    DanOregon Well-Known Member

    Throw in the gym situation.
  8. HappyCurmudgeon

    HappyCurmudgeon Well-Known Member

    Yeah but eventually they are going to go back in those $50-60K luxury SUVs and take those cross-country flights so we've probably seen a current peak and will see another new peak 12-16 months from now. Especially once all the post-Trump administration related podcasts are released.
  9. Slacker

    Slacker Well-Known Member

    I don't get it. Where are the illustrations?

  10. Regan MacNeil

    Regan MacNeil Well-Known Member

    Amount of horse semen contained therein: negligible.
  11. utilityman

    utilityman New Member

    Anyone receive a monthly issue lately ...like in the past month?
  12. Della9250

    Della9250 Well-Known Member

    I got the combined college/pro football preview yesterday. The one before that was the swimsuit issue
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